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  1. Only problem is you would just have created evidence for waterblasting antifoul without a proper resource consent so will probably get a call from someone else in the council. The NRC have a strange view that dairy farming leaves waterways pristine but all boaties are eco terrorists and should pay levies etc.
  2. Not Keelboats but the 8.5's seem to have the best bang for buck, multi use racing around fro what I can see (don't own one but want to one day) Sport TY's and Sportboats seem to be getting out sailing a bit now. Looking at entries R930's have been dieing away as a (modified) class. R780's had a few boats at Aviemore. Noelex 22's do a bit of sailing but wouldn't think they would be anygood for a CC or the like. Or Piedy's.
  3. Peninsula is an 800m high ridge dissected by 2- 3nm deep fiord like bays so yep bullets and downdrafts in close, like the barrier only worse. Only place to hide in a southerly blast is purau or pigeon bay really
  4. Sitting in Canterbury now, sure as hell would not like to be out there... it’s cold and the about 40-50kts, not gust just steady, the wind through the shelter belt sounds like a jet plane taking off. See is a foamy mess of white and done decent swell has arrived. Can’t imagine a 10m boat out there.
  5. We have a marina trust up here which keeps everything honest and affordable. Seems trailerable is the way racing is going up here rather than keelers, maybe the same in Auckland. As for boat sales, mine is for sale (has been for a wee while) and working with a few prospective buyers but none willing to push play until Covid recovery certainity, which seems to be the go in the low-mid priced racer market at present from what I hear. The tupperware cruisers are going quite cheap (45-50ft bene's for 150-250k mark) as owners have long since bailed out with their boat on the hard.
  6. It’s for sale cheap (bottle of gin) comes with anchoring bits and cranse iron.
  7. Still not sure what she is capable of, but with a new keel bulb she could really light up. Still very quick downwind, not quite the height upwind of the skinnier boats ( she is 4m on the beam). I recently removed an alloy bowsprit, she now sits a good 30-50mm higher in the bow which can only be a good thing for a snoutty boat. Will see when we go sailing next week. Fastest we have had was 18.5knots but 12-15 seems to be the sweet spot in a good send. when I got her the keel fin was a shambles so we faired that and that made a monster difference. A T- keel seems to fire th
  8. Duracore, Kevlar and glass for the hull foamply decks glassed with ply winch patches. 3.7tonnes on the travel lift.
  9. Up on Trademe now if you know anyone looking for a good RNI boat for reasonable https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/2771536047
  10. TazzyDevil

    B&G gear

    Stupid question but have you checked the sources are matched to the data in the source menu? my 2 vulcans keep defaulting to getting their gps data off each other which is annoying when you turn one off and everything shuts down. sometimes my older raymarine AP starts feeding the heading data rather than my fancy 9-axis etc. refreshing the source list seems to fix it, but had to manually select where I wanted data to come from in some times.
  11. I think that’s where the inspectors get confused... the single braids which are mentioned in the Regs- have a uv coating. The local inspector said he thought that was sufficient to count as a sheath as long as chafe protection was sorted. But he wouldn’t commit until he saw the lifelines. at half the price of super cable and still loads of strength figure it’s worth exploring.
  12. Cost and ease of splicing are why I wanted to go the single braid route. Regs don’t specify single or double braid. I know overseas single braid is fine and that’s what my backstay is made out of so hoping it would be fine for lifelines. The local inspector says he thinks so. it’s pretty easy to lash on a sheath where it goes though staunchions.
  13. Just thinking through lifeline options and was wondering if anyone had recently been through an inspection. Plan was to used single braid dyneema that is uv coated and as sleeves at major chafe points (stanchions and where headsails skirt) will this comply? Rules are clear as mud. I know KM has written about this a while back but was wondering if the safety inspectors had clarified it since ( I want to use the fine line dyneema braid).
  14. I'm selling my Elliot 10.5 after lots of work, time for a dedicated cruiser and a wee racer. If you are looking for a fun, spacious cruiser/racer that's well appointed and had's lot's of $$$ spent on her message me or give me a call on 0275 985 735. Currently out of the water and being antifouled next week for relaunch. Full receipts for all gear and work done. This boat would make a great lower budget RNI boat and is probably the roomiest 10.4 metre boat around for cruising.
  15. Lot’s of large toothy fish on that bar in summer. We used to surf the left just north of there, rode our XR 250’s in from TanuTanu (which is a pretty magic place too. You used to be able to cross a couple of metres back from the entrance from mid tide down where the channels braid out - it really is that shallow. there is a great small swell aframe reef/ point just over the hill. This was before jet skis and life jackets and such. Sailing link is a yacht called the “Erewhon” went up on TanuTanu beach - luckily on a rare calm night and at high tide. Insurance company
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