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Best boat ramp in central Auckland

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New boat, lots of questions. 

Whats the best boat ramp handy to the SSANZ start?

Ideally I'd like somewhere that gives me time to lower and raise the keel but leave the crane in the car. So a walkway long enough to get out of peoples way while I fetch and crank it, and 2 metres depth even if low tide.


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Don’t  assume that the SSANZ Triple Series will be business as usual 

we are planning to be up and running even under level two if we are allowed but it may not be the same as in the past.

two sailors per competing yacht should  not be a problem, however 10+ people to run the start boat may not be possible by the first race.

We are looking at starting options from on shore, this may be anywhere in the harbour and there could be just 3 starts, as in all longhaul boats may start then 20 min later all shorthaul etc or the reverse.

we are doing what we can to make this very popular event happen but it’s probably not going to look the same.


watch this space



as for launching DP your best option is possibly Orakei or HMB but it could be Westhaven however don’t think low tide will be possible at any of these.


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When I had High-n-Fibre (Vickers 7m) we used to keep it at Westhaven boat ramp. That Boatramp is hard to beat with long fingers giving pleaty of room to move the boat right to the far end while sorting out keels, sails etc. 

I think HnF used to draw 1.9m and we could launch and retrieve is all but the extreme low tides (0.3-0.4m). In those, we'd leave the crane on the the end of the W pier.

The Concrete ramp does come to a sudden end and then there is a drop off of about 0.5m, which can work to your advantage in a low tide. You can get the bow just on to the dock to get the keel crane onboard. Downside is you can come to a very sudden stop when you find it!

Get the Magic 25 guys and gals to show you how to get the rig up and down the easy way - they have perfected the art through trial and f*ck up! We learnt a lot for them.

If you can leave the rig up at Marshys house, that's a winner!

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Orakei is shallow, even the F15's have trouble at low tide and we used to have to lift the E5.9 keels well before the floating jetty.  Agree, HMB or Westhaven. 

Also, experience shows it's a brave move not to take the crane out.  It's all good until it isn't.  Although you might be able to use a halyard (assuming you still have a mast up?).

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