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Gas locked inside a locker

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1 hour ago, Tamure said:

I think the locker sitting inside a space that can’t itself drain is simply crossing fingers and hoping for the best. What you are expecting is that the gas leak  will not occur when the boat is heeled over or moving around in waves. You are also hoping that the gas leak will not be so much that it will overwhelm the drain.

If you are going to the trouble of building a locker then build it to spec, It’s not that hard, go for a stroll and see what others gave done on similar boats


Firstly the gas locker would be completely air tight except for its drain. So the fingers crossed, is that the locker door did not leak. The same principle as a Cat 0 bulk head with a air tight door.  So long as the sealed locker door was shut securely then there would be no way for the gas to get inside the boat, it would go out the lockers drain. 

As I said in the original post, I wanted to avoid cutting a hole in the side of either the cockpit or the transom.  I generally dislike cutting holes in the outside of boats. 

It's going to need a big hole next to the point where the runners attach, so the load that the runners generate will need to go somewhere else. So it will need to be appropriately designed and is probably not a diy job anymore as a result. 

While I am OK laying up glass inside the boat where it does not need to be structural I am not super keen on doing it myself at a structural location as I have no skill in laying glass to meet structural loads or even the slightest knowledge of what's required.

So unfortunately yeah, it is a bit hard now. The DIY solution to meet the spec is to hang the bottle off the pushpit... Which is what other boats like ours are doing.  So I will be engaging a builder. 

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11 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

The DIY solution to meet the spec is to hang the bottle off the pushpit...

Like thousands of other yachts do, the safest way. 


11 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

The same principle as a Cat 0 bulk head with a air tight door

But they don't stick a gas bottle in it.


Some of the regulations don't make too much sense, the bit about lockers does.

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The gas lockers on most recent production boats (that comply with EU regs) are in the cockpit with a sealed bottom (so nothing can get into the bulges) and a small drain hole at the bottom which goes overboard. The lid itself is a standard cockpit locker lid ie it’s not airtight. It doesn’t need to be because lpg gas is heavier than air and sinks to the bottom out through the drain hole. It doesn’t float up out through the top lid.

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