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Boat Dilemma

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11 minutes ago, Young Entertainer said:

if you want the security of a solid boat with ability to race and keep up,  budget allowing go for a 1020,  will do both well,  better cruising boat than an 88 due to its volume yet still plenty to race with and being class boats only need a couple of sails

I'm having  budget conversation now. Not many 1020's on the market currently, any idea of typical price range?

I don't hear much about the Beale 33 but there a couple active on racetrack at least. Where do they sit in the scheme of things?

(Yes I'm exploring all options up and down the budget range. Looking for a boat I can commit to for a good few years now)

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This is escalating quickly, there's a couple of Ross 1066's on TradeMe that look good fun too... Honestly right now I'm planning to list my boat, sail with some other crews, and go kayak fishing

I think the main question you need to ask yourself is what’s more important, cruising or racing. 1020 or  S34 best of both, 930 more race/sportboat style, 88 good for both but a bit dearer.  

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One big advantage not mentioned of a Y88 or 1020 verses a 930 is a typically a diesel motor and associated reliability, charging capacity/potential and economy. I know a few 930's have diesels but they are rare. As with any boat purchase you would want to check or have checked the mechanical health of a diesel carefully or be prepared to spend $$$.  I know a recent 1020 purchase as presented the new owner with some expensive motor issues. 

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On 25/07/2020 at 4:55 PM, splat said:

One big advantage not mentioned of a Y88 or 1020 verses a 930 is a typically a diesel motor and associated reliability, charging capacity/potential and economy.

I'd say the complete oppersite but then I prefer yachts over motor sailors ;)

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32 minutes ago, Jon said:

Speaking of which

When was the last time your 930 yacht sailed or do you prefer them on the back lawn ?

He's started referring to a 'classic' he now owns. I thought it was a bit of a stretch referring to a heavily modified 930 as a classic, but it has been being 'restored' for long enough to qualify for membership with the classic yacht association...

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A demon ten is a as slow as a wet week if youre also considering 1020's 930's etc. As for how big, marina costs are not inconsequential but moorings give you more options if you cant justify the fees. In all seriousness I would go for the biggest boat in your range, but experience shows that once you get above about 34 feet maintenance in every area starts escalating; sails, haulout, amount of bottom paint - you name it! So your on the right track not to go to far from the d28 but you need to make it worthwhile to changeover. Definitely get a boat with a good diesel if you want to cruise, you'll find an outboard to be a bit of a pain. From your requirements I think a good 1020, a Beale 33 or even an S34 would be great family friendly cruiser racers. Coming from the D I'd probably avoid a wooden boat and go for glass, so much easier on maintenance especially if you decide to chuck it on a mooring. 

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The old classic carbon 930

never actually seen one on the water, perhaps that’s where they perform best


Demon 10 is a nice boat, you will pay a premium for a class boat, but then it will also be easier to sell

there isn’t the perfect boat crump so the best you can hope for is a boat that’s perfect for now

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