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Anyone have a take on this: "Marine Pest Interregional Plan"

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Anyone up to speed on what this will mean?  Sounds like it might involve mandatory bottom painting and clean/power wash on a regular schedule?  Also a monetary assessment of some sort coming down the pike for "exacerbators" (the term they use to describe boat owners). It appears to be under development but we've seen signs go up about it?

I found this document which refers to it: http://northland.infocouncil.biz/Open/2020/12/BABWP_20201202_AGN_2905_AT.PDF?fbclid=IwAR0R-Zf2GyQP1BF8GXvbx-MLW-Dg7Ggf1uCeX973MfwUfmMc_XjWcSGUjD4

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Yeah- Northland are really into this stuff, aren't they. The bit that worries me is the idea of a "standard" to which your boat must be antifouled / " cleaned. Who decides what is acceptable? I reckon it is but a short way to only licensed operators will be allowed to antifoul boats, to make sure that they are done to a standard. So all those of us who haul out at our local yacht club yards and antifoul won't be licensed. So instead of about $250 for antifoul etc, it will be over $1500 per year.

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NRC does seem to have a hate on boaties, lots of rhetoric but very few provable facts. This has been coming for the last few years since they were almost absorbed by the District councils when they were as good as defunct.

I think a lot of it is driven by the bureaucracy rather than the elected members, though in their latest iteration under Penny Smart they may have more of them onboard. They are seemingly unaccountable to the rate payers, while chasing their unrealistic / unrealisable ideals. With their hot pursuit of sea born organisms ( fan worms etc.etc. )as an example. See the millions they are spending on new NRC chambers that they are building in Dargaville, ostensibly to house the 2 or 3 employees who had to travel from Whangarain for work.  They reminded me of "Don Quixote" tilting at windmills. the Windmill wins every time. 

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It appears this is another example of the Private/recreational sector paying the mistakes of the commercial sector.

As we all know we have fan worm,asian padle crab etc invading the Northland coast and is out of control.

We know ships ballast must be dumped outside the 200mile zone but how do you monitor it?

Dredging harbours that contain such pests and dropping the dredging's at sea, only one thing can happen.Dispurtion.

No or very very few world cruising vessels would has encrusted hulls nor would the average local power/sail vessel. Proportion of blame must lay with local  and regional govts for the reduction in effectiveness of antifouls.

I can see the local club yards would need certification that any hull cleaning must be contained and removed to land fill. Maybe certified applicators to apply antifoul to ensure the right micrograms are applied?

Will swing/pile moorings be a thing of the past as all forced in to marinas for containment purposes. What do you with trailer vessels, force them to go to a commercial user pay wash yard.

Would regional councils involved would they look at only certain bays/harbours around the gulf etc where you can anchor

What is going to be role of IWI is the concern. What will the cost of Koha be??

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