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10mm drill bit too long

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A - it'll be ready hard to cut the shaft off

B - it may be very difficult to seat in a small 3 jaw chuck, you "might" get a better grasp with a larger chuck and/or wrapping the end with some shim stock


however if you're drilling to drill in a confined space this is what you really need, an air-drill with right-angle head and compressor?



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what are you trying to cut through and how thick?

the air tools spin very fast but you often can't use the speed in deep frp as the resin melts

most electric drills are variable speed now, you'll know when the little gearbox in the right angle is unhappy then you back off on the drill trigger a bit

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On 4/01/2021 at 3:29 PM, vic008 said:

So if cut down, basically remove the plain shank part, will it still lock in the jaws?

In most cases Yes if done so carefully.

But it may not handle a lot of hard loading.

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