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Marine Speakers

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Personally I have always run with the Pioneers but a mate recently installed the Fusions. Fusion have done what everyone should have years ago by selling replacement covers at a reasonable price when they inevitably get kneed or toed in. Which puts them well ahead of the pack in my book. :clap:


Not sure if you already knew but a good suggestion is to just place the speakers where you intend to locate them, connect the cables temporarily and keep an eye on the compass when you turn the stereo on. The results can be a bit interesting.

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P.S. I note that you specified 6.5" - if you had said "what are the biggest/most powerful speakers you can get on a boat", I would have deferred to someone like Booboo or one of the Piedy guys, who are undisputed champions in this arena.

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I am a fussy listener, so take this with a large grain of salt ( my home system probably would buy a pretty nice blue water cruiser ).


Focal speakers are the best sounding - specially the Beryllium ones. However, they cost an arm, leg, and ya left nut just for good measure.


Pioneer speakers tend to be "built to a price", albeit not to the same extent as the Fusion speakers ( which tend to be random generic Chinese stuff. )


JL Audio - http://marine.jlaudio.com/products_comp ... page_id=22 gear sounds between good and great - and while it is a somewhat premium priced brand, it at least performs as such. JL Audio is carried by JB hifi, however you will almost definitely need to order it in.

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I like Booboo's approach from the SR. A custom box that fitted above the companionway and came out for the party, but didn't get in the way while sailing (because it was down below, or not on board).


Or how about fitting the speakers into the cover of a screw in port. Keep a blank port as well, so you can choose whether or not to have the speakers in place.

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My experience with Fusion is they lasted approximately 18 months and were not marine speakers at all. They don't like direct sunlight and don't like water in any reasonable amount falling on them. This was told to me by a Fusion employee at the boat show. So if you get Fusion, Have water proof covers made for them. If you have any respect for your cockpit speakers, then do what I did which was to have some stainless steel guards made for them. Every time a crew member breaks a toe on them you have saved yourself from buying a new speaker! :D

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