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What a great night it was last evening.


Brilliant conditions.


So, McKenzie has definitely been moved but it is still the next mark along from Saltworks.


I think everyone ended up going around it (maybe not Vodafone who seemed to go outside it in both directions?)


We had a new official top speed of 27 knots with the new board in :)

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Pretty gusty coming up from oraki but the rest of the race was awesome.


I think a couple of the boats need new course sheets. the attitude and one of the GBE's decided not to go around northern leading like the rest of us did. i couldn't work out how they got into us so quick.

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Well Booger you did pretty well then if you did the full course and the others didn't. I notified race committee that some didn't, but didn't know who, but looks like no action was taken.

Never mind, you screamed away right from the start, and so a win well deserved.

Timberwolf really does look stunning, went past us with us battling the chop, on the reach, and they slid past smooth a silk at twice the speed.

Also 888 looked awesome neck and neck with Vodafone, sort of feel like a horse drawn cart plodding along the middle lane of a highway, with Ferraris passing both sides.

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C'mon Clipper, that was GGRREEAATT conditions, absolutely loved it.

My humble machine needs those conditions, the gusts were just turbo charges for us, and after we got into the swing of things was absolutely loving the gusts.

The start (once again) was a bit average, but if I can be off the container terminal with TWU on one side, DD and I think Attitude on the other, I'm having a great race. A tad tight with the kite, but we stayed upright at least.

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C'mon Clipper, that was GGRREEAATT conditions, absolutely loved it.

Outside of North head, yes, awesome.

in the harbour, sh*t as always.

I hate auckland harbour as a place to sail (from north head in)


Man, am I grumpy this morning. Think I must be missing the boat. leaving her for 2 months! what was I thinking?

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Thanks john, we had a great start we must have been bloody close to over, and went stright to the little kite. I was a little surprised to look around to find nearly everyone else on jibs. we even rechecked the course to make sure we hadn't missed something. We did have some quite hairy moments with ferry wakes down towards Devenport. just made it a little more exciting. Easily crossing infront of timberwolf and teiping on port at ruff rock was definitely a high light.


The boys on attitude know they missed northern leading and i am sure they will withdraw from the race.

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creepy broke their forestay. did very well to finish.


ken, if you don't like those conditions on auckland harbour you are doing the multihull sailing thing all wrong, it was awesome !


john, we were right on 22-24 knots the whole time along there beside you, was a really great ride, we actually caught up to and passed taeping before we got to orakei only for them to weasel back past us and beat us by 14 seconds.


bit disappointing if people do the wrong course and admit it to you but then don't withdraw.

its hard to protest if you aren't sure yourself so you have to rely on other peoples conscience.

its not the rc fault they can't see who has gone around the correct buoys

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