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fullfoil you are out of line


full credit to everyone involved that they got the boat back up and no one was injured


mouthing off like that and calling people names , particularly when you werent involved is immature and childish, you be better of lending a hand instead of sneaking in the cheapshots

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who are you full foil?


Kate held onto the back beam until she was in the water, Andy went smoking down/up the rigging there is a big hole in the out rigger hull where the pressure got a bit much.


So, did the boat get broken when righting it?

How did you try to get it upright?

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Dam!! Heard the news and thought someone was crying wolf.


So a new member of the UDC club and another reason I can't....blah blah blah..


Nope I don't wish this on anyone so sorry to hear the bad news wolfy I hope the damage is not to bad.

Now might be the time to look at installing foils they really keep the nose up :D

Seems like you have a hole already made. :?


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I just hope its repairable and doesnt end up in pieces sitting in a boat yard with no work being done on it like Frantic Drift.


It certainly makes me feel a bit happier about the air draft restriction I will be complying too.


Sing out if you need a hand with anything Tim.

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