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Spencers, and the mad buggers who still sail them

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Ok, don't want to let this one die juuuusst yet. I've been busy moving house and such like however I'm now keen to make something happen.


BBQ sounds great - where? A beach? Someone want to host? (I have a tiny backyard that's full of toy cat and motorcycle crap...)


Who's interested?

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Spencers are cool. He says sitting at anchor in the bay of islands on a Spencer. Honestly every time I go out my respect for his work grows

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Hi there, I've just bought an old Spencer '38' called 'Salient'! She's been let go a bit though and needs some serious TLC! I believe she was built in 1970 by J.Johnson(?) I had her out at Gulf Harbour for a week to give the bum a good de-bug and a quick coat of antifoul and I'm slowly going through all the other necessary jobs as time and money allow. I will be taking her out for an extended period over the Winter to attack some long term and in depth jobs such as new rudder (old one holed) and replacement sounder, log, etc. My question(s) are: Does anyone have any history or photos, information, anything really on her or the Spencer '38' in general, and most importantly, are there any plans etc for hull and/or sail plan? She's a good dry boat (except the windows!) and I think I've caught her in time. But would love to get in touch with like minded and saddled persons with Spencers for any advice, social events, etc!



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Owned for years by Trevor Cowbray ? spelling, who sold it to the owner you bought it off (Dan Davies?). Trevor was the custodian of Okahu Bay hardstand for many years and before that was a mooring contractor on the Auckland Harbour. Not to sure if Trevor is still alive as would be fairly ancient now and did successfully battle with cancer. A real hard case and character.

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The number one thing I learnt about Spencers':


They go slow everywhere until you learn their sweet spot and then they go fast.  I had my 28' full for the summer cruise doing 9 knots - we had to stop and pull the wee inflatable on board because it was submarining and I was worried it would tear apart, then we went faster!  


My recollection of the 38 was to swap out the rudder for a long spade without the skeg, swap out the Spencer can opener keel for a more hydrfoiled shape (not the sharp front edge) oh, and swap the rig for something bigger and fractional  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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Salient was Trevor Coubray's boat as Biggy says. What a salt of the earth bugger he was, both when he ran the moorings barge ( he put my mooring down in Hobson bay)and when he then ran the haulout for all those years at Okahu. I hauled 20 years ,every year there.From Ken and Dave , to Trevor,Graeme and Sandy , to big John.

She looks pretty good apart from the obvious growth from lack of use , I hope you have a great run from her. You could probably join the CYA, I think she's old enough.

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