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RNI 2014

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Below is an indication of the division split, this may change if YNZ change or update any PHRFs


Div 1 Blink 1.0

Bushido 0.975

Wedgetail 0.955


Div 2 Overload 0.915

Focus 0.89

Fiction 0.885

Lawless 0.88

White Gold 0.875

Django 0.86

Laissez-faire 0.86

Laissez-faire 2 0.86


Div 3 Marshall Law 0.85

Truxton 0.85

Gale force 0.84

Notorious 0.84

Coppelia 0.815

Midnight Express 0.79


Div 4 Pepe 0.78

Berenice 0.775

Redline 0.775

Duty Free 0.765

Cool Change 0.755

Montego Bay 3 0.755

Assassin 0.73

Wanderingstar 0.725

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Just had the heads up that one of the smaller boats need a co-skipper.

This isn't a race for crew to just make up the numbers but a singlehanded race in relays.

If you have the desire, the time and the skills, send me your details and I will forward them on.

Jon Henry

Race Director




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Had the sad news that Red Line isn't going to make the start.

They got as far as New Plymouth but have sailed back to Nelson, Stu will fill you in on the details if he wishes.


Your always up against it preparing for an event like this and most don't appreciate that it really takes a year of planning to do this type of event.


The crews I expect to shine through are the ones that have had a crack at this type of event before.


But we all have to start somewhere and the key to this event more that anything is firstly you must finish.

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Due to lack of prep time (due to loss of the Mast) my crew bailed in New Plymouth having not been out of Tasman Bay in a 930. Ideally we would have done a few races two handed, and our pre qualification miles in plenty of time.


Last summers build up to the Central Triangle was much more organised, and we both put in some miles as a team before the event. We did quite well and I really enjoyed the challenge of that event, and the RNI was a logical progression from that. Spent a couple of days trying to phone up/fly in a replacement. IF you were one of the guys I phoned, you'll know who u are. Gutted to be not doing it, as have put in a massive effort replacing the keel a new rig, and a reasonably competitive sail wardrobe in time for this event.


So if anyone loses a crew due to the long lost aunt dropping dead, and or otherwise make themselves un-available, I'd love to drop in as a standby replacement!!


Good luck Geoff/Jono I'll be following the race virtually if not in reality.




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Stu - really sorry to hear you have pulled out after all that effort that you have put in. Sometimes it takes more guts to pull out than carry on - well done!

In the long run it might be a good thing - as you know you need to put the time in beforehand and for lots of reasons that did not quite work out for you lately.

What a shame, we were so impressed with what you achieved in the Central Triangle - you will build on that and we think you will be able to put together a really good campaign next time.

We too looking forward to following Jono and Geoff on the Midnight Express.


Best wishes and will catch up for a beer soon. Off in the cruising boat Nonstop this weekend to annoy the cod at Durville.


Pete and Ellen

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Stu so sorry to hear that you won't be making it this time around. I know how much work goes into prepping for this race and how gutting it is to not be there in the end. Actually we know first hand how dropping a rig can impact your race preparation, especially for a 930!


You are more than welcome to come join us in Wellington for the stopover -especially for the beer tour :D

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thats a shame boats are having to pull out.

for those of us that weren't able to commit this time, what day is the start to come out and support and see the start.

ssanz site says 8 feb, but their nor says sunday 9th at 2pm ?

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Been watching the weather this week and I'm glad I don't have to make a call about it in the coming week or so, it's all over the damn place. Sunday it was going to be a windy as start, yesterday a drifter now back to wind again.

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