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  1. From memory, no to sealant or glueing in most of their seals, but the butt ends use superglue. Give Carl at maxwell/vetus a call in the morning he's usually a great help on these things.
  2. Here's the real spinlock and the later version is IT'S picture. KM absolutely correct on spotting this.
  3. Innovator of Mana has just appeared on trademe
  4. Try Whitestar in Auckland, they produce the Clevco winches. From memory lewmar springs work but talk to Neil at Whitestar first.
  5. Norsand shipyard had a horrible night last night. Apparently no injuries.
  6. Now on trademe with more photos.
  7. Some more.... Engine is a 2010 four stroke 8hp (not 10hp) Yamaha outboard with 12l tote tank Lighting Masthead tri colour LED Spreader downlights LED Running light LED bulb Deck level LED port stb and stern. Interior, majority LED Anchoring 1 aluminium and 1 steel sand anchor with appropriate warp and chain. Fenders etc for raft ups Lines Most replaced in last 3 years from Nautilus braids and Chains ropes and anchors. Wad load of good spare lines RIG Carbon mast, alloy boom All stays and turn buckles replaced last year. Old stays and t
  8. It has been pointed out to me rather bluntly that my ad does not really show what actually comes with Start Me Up. I'll add to this as I remember. This is the minimum that she comes with. ELECTRONICS B&G Vhf v60-b ais transeiver Ws320 wireless wind Dst800 tdx Fish finder tdx Zg100 heading sensor Vulcan 7 with navionics card 2nd vulcan 7 with c-map cracked screen N2k network Raymarine St1000+ Pelagic autopilot with ram Cobra 6watt hand held Vhf ELECTRICS 3 SOLARA 36WATT SOLAR PANELS
  9. Standard with bulb.
  10. Due to wife wanting a larger boat for next RNI Start Me Up K4903 is for sale. START Me Up comes complete with all Cat 2 gear used on the RNI2020 except liferaft and iridium go. Gear list minimum is as follows Carbon mast, new stays and ropes in last year. 2 assym, 3 sym, 1,2,3,4 and storm jib, 2 mains, a wad of old sails, heavy code zero on furler. Carbon/alloy prod. 4 self tailing harken winches. New this year Ais transponder vhf , wireless wind and heading sensor. 3 years old, pelagic autopilot, raymarine st1000, 2x vulcan 7" with cmap and navionics, also dst800 and fi
  11. Nah, most manufacturers have a 4 year expiry date nowadays.
  12. Right.. 1/ chafe should not happen, agreed. 2 masts were built at same time and my crew tracked down the other, guess what same problem.. 2/ room inside the rig, bugged if I know. Suspect when I remove the rig and remove spreaders we'll have a better idea ( in the meantime i want to go sailing with limited reduction to sailing time and budget) 3/ agreed with mast, maybe sell all clutches and replace with decent clamcleats for those lines that may need instant release The two lines that parted, one was Italian, the other Kiwi. The rest that had major wear were all Kiwi. Hu
  13. Cool idea, will pinch this thankyou.
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