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  1. 3169 Skinffull, we've only been for 1 sail so far, but very cool. Hope to start sailing her twice a week after school finishes. Apparently there's going to be a couple of regatta's for them up here next year. We'll be more than happy to make up numbers.
  2. WTF it was only last year I got this from Tower ... I can confirm that you will need to switch over to Club Marine by the 28 April 2020. This date is when your policy would be renewing however due to Tower Insurance no longer insuring boats this si the date it will be cancelled. You should receive documents close to this time in regards to remind you to contact Club Marine along with their contact details to give them a call and set up new I went with NAUTICAL Insurance in Chistchurch and couldn't be happier. Just insured the Flying 15 as well.
  3. Cheers, no running commentary anywhere?
  4. Any news or links to this race?
  5. Hi, wife just purchased one of these fine yachts and I was wondering how many are actually sailing here in NZ. To start with there are 6 parked here in the Whangarei Cruising Club compound in Parua Bay and it looks like 4 of them are regularly sailed.
  6. Now on Trademe, 3 Ross 930's doing the Coastal, you could make number 4!
  7. Lazy yes, got tired if flushing the loo properly for the kids! With 220amp Agm battery bank no worries about juice.
  8. Back on market, just antifouled with 5 coats of Trilux 33 along with new bronze rudder bearings and a bilge cleanup. Just put mast back up today and will relist on trademe next weekend. $25k will still buy you a cat 2 boat sans liferaft and sat phone.
  9. From memory, no to sealant or glueing in most of their seals, but the butt ends use superglue. Give Carl at maxwell/vetus a call in the morning he's usually a great help on these things.
  10. Here's the real spinlock and the later version is IT'S picture. KM absolutely correct on spotting this.
  11. Innovator of Mana has just appeared on trademe
  12. Try Whitestar in Auckland, they produce the Clevco winches. From memory lewmar springs work but talk to Neil at Whitestar first.
  13. Norsand shipyard had a horrible night last night. Apparently no injuries.
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