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  1. Beccara

    Battery post fuse

    Why 300a? Typically your sizing the fuse to protect the wire
  2. Beccara

    Battery post fuse

    On our boat we only have 1 set of fuses, On the battery terminal, from there we run 25mm cable inside conduct to our distribution point where we have a setup with a BlueSea 100a breaker feeding Schneider iC60 breakers sized for the downstream wire runs. If our terminal fuse pops the problem is not going to be simple to fix so the time to change out the fuses doesn't matter, We would have to be having a cable fault to blow the fuse Always get Ignition proof fuses, It's a no brainer. You really dont want any section of your electrical setup unprotected especially if your not going for the super duper tinned cable/twin sheathed/oil resistant stuff, Your battery should be a bolt type post too, Yes dirty terminals can cause heat but bolt type posts cleaned and installed can't really get dirty/poorconnection like the standard post types
  3. Beccara

    Battery post fuse

    Each to their own, I use the Bluesea unit IT linked to, Works fine. The pic above can't mount to the battery directly tho so you still have a risk of upstream being unprotected. However if cost is a concern and you can accept that risk you have these: https://www.lusty-blundell.co.nz/product/1842-blue-sea-mega-amg-fuse-block-100-300a-with-cover?categoryId=928 Along with the fuse: https://www.lusty-blundell.co.nz/product-group/8103-blue-sea-fuse-mega-amg/product For under $80, A bit less than the $120 for the proper battery mount
  4. get-there-itis was my first thought when I heard a rescue was underway, Very sad overall
  5. This was the outlook on Friday arvo: A low to the west of the South Island gradually weakens on Sunday and should fill on Monday; meanwhile a ridge is expected to build up over the country. Another low is expected to develop over the north Tasman Sea on Sunday, and approach the north of the North Island early Monday, then over the Island during late Monday and Tuesday before moving away the east late Wednesday. This system should bring rain and strong winds to much of the North Island. There is moderate confidence of rainfall accumulations reaching warning amounts in Northland, Auckland and Coromandel Peninsula during Monday and Tuesday, and about the ranges of Gisborne and Hawkes Bay on Tuesday and early Wednesday. There is low confidence of warning amounts of heavy rain about the Tararua District during late Tuesday and early Wednesday. In addition, there is low confidence of strong easterly winds rising to severe gale strength in exposed parts of Northland, Auckland, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Waikato during Monday and Tuesday. There is also low confidence of strong southwesterlies rising to severe gales in exposed parts of Northland on Wednesday.
  6. I say this with the utmost respect for all involved and understanding of hindsight but this storm and those conditions were predicted many days in advance, Why didn't they back off and stay much further out where the seastate and winds were out of the storms path? We had atleast 24 hours notice, I think I saw the warnings on Saturday morning
  7. It's 30kn's up at the Town Basin marina, I imagine it's 50+ gusts easy out there
  8. Beccara

    CG wifi?

    The main advantage here is going to be the datacap, You can have the kids watching some Netflix fairly safely and cheaply with this service. You can't take the SIM cards and use them in any other device and the modem is generally quite a bit better reception wise and you can pair it with something like this: https://www.gowifi.co.nz/omniaaa/mtao-lte-5d-sq.html To help improve it even more
  9. Beccara

    CG wifi?

    Looks like it's resold Wireless Nation which is selling something called RBI, It's Vodafone based and will be a Huawei modem and a little 12-24v boost converter. It'll be nicer than your mobile phone hotspot by a little bit but still depends on your coverage
  10. Nice to see my fellow Northlanders picking up the "None of the above" option
  11. Well sh*t The preferred option was Option 3 (go even further and make rules for other pathways too; 37%) The preferred option for hull-fouling rules was Option 1 (clean hull at all times; 42%) "Overall, there was a clear call for greater action to address marine pests across the TON regions"
  12. FLA burp hydrogen and can contain hot acid, They are a hazard and one that occurs enough to be aware of it and be prepared for it https://www.yachtingmonthly.com/archive/how-batteries-can-explode-and-how-to-avoid-it-3930 Thankfully most of us deal with these: And not these:
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