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Pogo 36

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In the real light stuff, I wonder if she might be faster with the board up . .


off the wind only, of course


(as pictured above)

In that orientation it’s quite an ugly shape from a hydrodynamic perspective. Also, the centre of gravity is shifted aft by prob a good 2m, hauling that fat bum down increasing drag. So I think it unlikely that’s it might be quicker.

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The pogo 1250 We cruised and raced with across the the Caribbean was quite a bit faster motoring with the keel down. The profile shape is horrible when the board is up and as mentioned before it really shifts the weight aft and drags the ass bigtime.

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Thanks for the informed replies . . 


We pull the board (partly or mostly) up off the wind on these boats, 


but they have dagger boards - move straight up and down. 


(sorry for blown out sails) 

sep7 (1).JPG

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Was pretty nice weather over in Brittany, but still quite chilly in the evenings - around 9-12C in the mornings. Glad the boat has a heater (Eberspacher D4).


Boat was mint. Commissioning took the best part of a week and a bit, primarily related to some custom extras taking a little longer to sort out (watermaker was faulty - hairline crack - so sent back to factory; Solar to Li battery setup somewhat tricky), me taking ages to put the child-catching netting all round the boat (what a pain in the ar$e!) and that Christina and the little one had quite bad ear infections for the whole first week which resulted in some pretty careful lounging around at the marina. Not really sailing conducive health.


Consequently the first week saw a total of 2-3h sailing wherein we simply tested the functionality of all sailing systems and running gear etc. Set up the NKE AP, tested AIS etc. (now visible on Marine traffic), and read a huge pile of manuals and documentation.


One thing I noticed though, is that with the Code0 and a full main, on a 12-14knt beam reach, the helm is perfectly balanced to the point of being able to let it go. The boat just tracks on not wavering - best not to fall in... 


Wednesday week ago, we took our leave of St Marine (check google maps) at 11:40 and beat out up to Penmarch, 16-19knt W by WSW. Up to 8.5knts over the water just slightly cracked off (48°T) for comfort. Around Penmarch, things got a little more exciting, as the forecasted 12-14 increased to 22-27 over the deck, threw in a reef, furled the jib and changed down to the Stays'l. Bore away a touch and made for the Raz with wind about 50-55°T. Seas were relatively uncomfortable as we bucked an outgoing tide (2.5knts) pushing up to Raz-de-Sien. Slow going and although not the most comfortable weather it was also not the worst and we needed to be in Brest relatively soon, so couldn't really wait another day for perfect weather. 


Wee lad succumbed to the uncomfortable ride at about 13:00, returning his lunch all over the saloon. Christina went below to take over from me, and promptly succumbed to the motion and the smell (first time ever seasick) - spent the next 8h puking... ouch...


Bore away to about 120-130T going through the Raz de Sien, by now with a 1-2knt tide with us, having timed our passage to take advantage of the ebb to flood "slack". And with 22-24knts of breeze sat nicely on 12 knts boat speed sliding North to anchor for the night in Camaret-sur-Mer at about 23:00 in the very last bit of light, using our spotlight to avoid anchoring on top of any crab pots laid in the anchorage. Ryobi ONE+ spotlight, insanely powerful.


Lounged around in Camaret-sur-Mer for a couple of days then caught the flood and a 10knt westerly for the 10 miles into Brest harbour where we hauled out for dry storage until mid July. 


Then drove 1200km home -  never again.



  • Commissioning a boat from new is hard work. 
  • The heater is awesome.
  • Sitting around at anchor we use about 20% battery capacity in 24h. While sailing on AP with AIS and Plotter running that goes out to 25-30% for 24h with 12h sailing. Li Battery charges from 65-100% in about 30 min motoring (enough to warm up, get out of the marina and diddle around hoisting the main for the first time.
  • Kiddy safe netting is a pain in the butt
  • In marinas with a lot of current and wind gusts you can NEVER have enough fenders
  • Dodger is friggin brilliant
  • Boat is easy to sail fast

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