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How long until she is complete?


You seem to be getting in to check progress reasonably often or are they sending you photo's?


Have you gone down the name path yet?  I can only assume it's like choosing a name for your firstborn...;)

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Coralie is sending photos; Fridays are cool :)


Tentative splash date end April, early May. We won't be able to get there until May 20th, though.


Name was chosen 5 years ago... Boat was changed but the name stayed the same. Name is now also reserved on the register :) 

I think it was easier to name our firstborn, actually.  :wtf:

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Just some internal photos of the start of fit-out. Can see either side of the centre in the forward cabin under the berths are the flotation foam spaces. Water tank to go in the centre there. 




Motor is in! Beam shelf visible in the aft cabin is actually a shelf in this boat :)



Aaaaand another shot of her from behind, because that's what you'll all be seeing... lol


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In the real light stuff, I wonder if she might be faster with the board up . .


off the wind only, of course


(as pictured above)

In that orientation it’s quite an ugly shape from a hydrodynamic perspective. Also, the centre of gravity is shifted aft by prob a good 2m, hauling that fat bum down increasing drag. So I think it unlikely that’s it might be quicker.

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The pogo 1250 We cruised and raced with across the the Caribbean was quite a bit faster motoring with the keel down. The profile shape is horrible when the board is up and as mentioned before it really shifts the weight aft and drags the ass bigtime.

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