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yacht in big trouble off Whangarei

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Do you honestly think a license would have made one whit of difference in this instance?

None what so ever.


I currently have no drivers license* and it's not changed my driving in any way what so ever. Bar the odd occasion when I speed past a cop, it's only then I remember I don't have one so baiting the cops is a tad silly.


I was on a superboat a month ago and it's skipper was pud puling on a large list of 'qualification and licenses', yet 2 of his crew were quite open about the fact they wouldn't get in the boats tender with him due to a fear of being killed.


Licenses are just a good revenue stream and have little to do with ability ..... as car driver licenses clearly demonstrate.


* Another demonstration of how fecking dumbarse some Govt Depts are -

- My last CAA flying medical involved 90mins with a Doc and his nurse, optimists, audiologists, x-rays and the vampires sucked some blood. It cost a LOT of money.

- My last road vehicle medical involved my Doc watching me stand unaided for 30 seconds, he then whispers 'You are a arsehole' and then asked what did I say, I told him. He then flicked me the bird and asked how many fingers I could see, I told him. That is a LSTA grade medical.


LSTA will not accept a CAA Class II medical for driving.

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Coastguard attempted FOUR rescues. Including from helicopter. I'm fairly sure they would have 'just towed the boat in' if they could have. It certainly wasn't a case of not thinking of it...

Jetski registration came about because they are essentially unidentifiable and there are now lots of the little suckers. We all have sail numbers or names on the side.    I learnt not to swim anywhe

the fact that cg couldn't get out to them says a lot about the conditions, i'd say.

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fish. You've withdrawn your offer of a bet. Ah well.

Sorry Kevin, I'll bet you a good bottle of singe malt whisky, that within 2 years, there will be concerted moves to introduce compulsory skipper licencing, and that this incident will be used as an example as to why it is required.

By concerted moves I mean a formal proposal for compulsory licencing, or a 'consultation process', or 'formal discussions' of compulsory licencing by either politicians or senior bureaucrats from either local govt, central govt, or govt departments.


Unrelated to the bet, I predict there will be calls within the media for 'more to be done' around licencing or other controls of recreational yacht skippers based on this incident, within the next 3 months (probably one month).

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fish, I'm almost ready to take your bet. But first you have to say WHO will use this incident as an example.

An individual or organisation wanting to advance compulsory licencing of recreational boating skippers.


Who do you think will use this incident as an example?

I'm thinking it will be around increasing regulatory control (compliance with 'accepted good practices', i.e. ensuring minimum standards are met) or as a new revenue stream, either through licencing fees, training for licencing, or infringement notices around non-compliance.


Was it Marlborough HM that was trialing how much money they could make by enforcing speed restrictions this summer?

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Fish. Lol. I won't take up the bet on the basis of "individual". You could easily stack that one. I'm happy to take it up on the basis of registered organisation (company or charity). Deal?

Sounds like you may have some prior knowledge or insider trading going on here.

Just to clarify, I'm saying this will happen, are you saying it wont happen?

I would also want to include govt department  / govt ministry and local govt officers.

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