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Safety at Sea Triple Series --SSANZ

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The Safety At Sea triple series , run by SSANZ and sponsored by Baltic, NZ Rigging and PIC is well

advanced in the planning,

Start by putting these dates in the diary :


Briefing 5th July


7th July--60 mile


4th August--100 miles


1st September --50 miles (finishing off Islington Bay )


Prize Giving Friday 21st September 2018, 7pm onwards


NOR/SI's up shortly:

Race Officer--Jon Henry

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No raft Cat 4, plus jack stays and epirb I think is all. Multi’s need a grab bag with gear in it that can be reached either way up. Long haul and short haul are PHRF Small boats are racetrack

Hopefully no bumps on the C U this year............

Meister will be in for race 2&3 as the new boat will be mid Tasman for race 1

Posted Images

A few changes coming this year

All courses will be Cat 4 plus usual extras

To achieve this the courses will be more in the inner gulf ie: inside a line between black rocks and flat rock.

Longhaul will become NZ Rigging course

Shorthaul will become PIC Marine Insurance course

Smallboat will become Baltic course


Safety at Sea 60. 7th July


Safety at Sea 100. 4th August


Safety at Sea 50, 1st September


More info to follow

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Hopefully no bumps on the C U this year............

Can we have that in writing Pie


Sailing instructions and courses here. http://ssanz.co.nz/events/index.html?id=171

We aren’t printing them this year to hand out at the briefing as this will save us having to put entry fees up.

And we have also had complaints from people with old eyes not being able to read them

So print them yourself at a size that suits you, then keep them in a clear file or laminate them if your on a Ross 8m or similar wet boat.

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