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Teak Mouldings

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OK guys - need a bit of advice...

Going to build a table for cruising on the 88.. (Unless anyone has an 88 table they want to sell!).


Thinking of doing the capping/moulding around the edge the easy way and buying pre-made teak moulding.

I see fosters sell some - http://www.fostersshipchandlery.co.nz/a ... -TEAK.html


Is there anywhere else you can get it direct? (So i dont have to pay $30 per corner and $100 each side! - Will get quite expensive).


It doesnt need to be teak i dont think - other suggestions welcome - Likewise where is the best place to get the timber (Ply?) for the table top?

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Thanks to those that suggested Mitchells joinery - I have had a great experience dealing with them so far - very well priced and prompt replies.

For something that seemed hard to do (Making the teak edging for the table) they have made it all very easy for me - so i can highly recommend dealing with them too :-)


Cheers guys

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I would be inclined not to use ply as ply when it gets the odd nicks and scrapes it looks like S#%t, probably be best to use solid timber as its easier to remove bumps and bruises which all tables will eventually get.

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Yeah havent thought that far apart there Craig! You know me - I dont plan that far ahead!


Was thinking of ply, or teak veneer ply but the point above is probably true too.... Hmm i want something not too heavy so the guys dont make me keep removing it from the boat!

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