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engine oil extraction

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Do you think you get all or enough of the old oil out going down the dipstick tube,

I really like taking the bung out of the sump and leaving it whilst I change the filter, sometimes I'll also pour a cup of clean oil through just to make me feel better.

I can do this with my genset as it has a hose off the sump, but there isn't enough depth in the bilge under the main engine to do this, so seriously thinking of getting a hose made up to attach to sump bung then attach the other end to a small plunger pump

Probably just being anal but it always makes you feel good after a good oil change and we all know the easier it is the more likely we are to do it.

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The new motor we put in Cosa Nostra has a banjo fitting as the sump plug which has a hose that runs off to a manual pump. So basically an extraction pump from the sump plug - would be easy to retro fit into existing motors but makes Oil change a breeze...

Lombardini LDW1003m



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Many of the manufacturers tell you to change the oil via the dipstick. Change the filter as well, and you'll be fine.

What is the logic there? I've always used the oil filler tube or rocker cover cap myself, as appropriate.

My motor is drip drying its oil as we speak. I've found that the pump gets most oil out but there's about oooo 200ml extra that will come out with the sump plug. Thats running into a cut off plastic bottle which I will probably knock over as I'm getting it out. Thats Ok because bastards international ensured that the filter is mounted sideways and inevitably dumps manky old oil somehere you can't catch it anyway.

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More for extraction than refill John - although there are some oil change machines that do both via the dipstick.

On many boats it is not practical/possible to use the sump plug because of issues with install/ hull shape etc making access impossible.

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1 hour ago, Romany said:

Can u use these vacuum extractors to take diesel out of a tank too, or will it end in tears, or worse?


I use mine for anything liquid...

When I recently emptied the diesel tank I used a cheap transfer pump from burnsco. 

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