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Thought I should post and update of our trip so far.

Had is ups and downs but overall its going very well. We have cruised most of the south of France and are currently in Antibes. Had plenty of jobs to do but are starting to get ontop of the job list. Will head down to Palma in the next week or 2. 

We have a friend from NZ coming up on the 18th October to help us sail to the Canaries and across the Atlantic.

Still a bit unsure of what our plans will be for the caribbean as Irma really has caused some wide spread carnage to the northern islands and it sounds like law and order will take a while to be restored.


If anyone fancies doing one of the longer trips with me then let me know and I will see if its possible.


Here are some videos of our progress so far..





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Yeah we haven't tried out the island berth in a seaway yet. But I will make a lee cloth for the middle, I think only one of us will get to be in bed at a time offshore anyway!


Boat sails OK, sticky in the light but that was always to be expected. Fine when you can use the motor if the wind isn't right but I can imagine it could be quite painful mid Atlantic if its gets light and we cant motor for too long.

Overall im pretty happy with it.


Hey does that last video (EP3) work for you guys? it says its blocked dueto a song that I put on it but I can play it.

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Josh, if you do some experiments with running the engine at different revs, you'll find the most fuel efficient settings. With a 43hp in island time, at about 1400rpm we could get as low as 0.75 litres per hour, at a fraction under 5 knots. You'll be able to motor further than you think!

In SE Asia, we did something I always said I'd never do - carried 10 20ltr fuel cans on deck! We did motor 1300 miles on 300 litres once, on only sailing about 10 hours! Just no wind at all...

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Loving the vids Josh. Your boys are bloody busy and noisy aren't they? I guess your ears are accustomed. I have forgotten what it's like!! Big ask all that travelling. They will laugh when they watch these in 10 years time!! Keep them coming mate. Good work!!

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