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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMHT2GU2TrJnlvhDvJlKRRg
  2. https://www.youtube.com/user/eyes333333
  3. I agree with Island Time 100 %. I ran OpenCPN on a tablet as a primary for a short time but relegated it to back up system fairly quickly.. It did however run opencpn well and was accurate with only an internal arial. I then ran a dedicated marine chart plotter but because of the relatively small screen size I also ran a laptop below decks for planning..
  4. Wheels: I feel for you it is so hard and there is so much working against us.. We have just gone through the exact same situation and sold the boat for $1 on trademe while she was sitting on the cradle an hour after hauling from the water. Spent a lot of money on a boat worth retail max 15k.. Age and health care let me down.. Just spent 18k on new engine and repairs.. Maxed out financially and bang need a minor op to correct a debilitating condition but no not going to happen according to the Waikato DHB so boat gone.. minimum 50k down the tubes However will be going back for more I hope
  5. I have anchored in rocky bay many times with a manson in 20kn and never dragged.
  6. Yup: just the vacuum oil pump.. Best thing since sliced bread IMO.. Well I wish the designer/builder of my tank had put in a socket for a drain valve because where the tank is situated it is very accessible and so would have been usable aka easier. However the vacuum pump is also very easy as long as I do it on a regular basis so I am not going to shag about modifying anything now..
  7. Yup: I always seem to get just a little bit of moisture laying in the top of the through deck. Not much you can do about that and with condensation added it builds up.. I have found that if I vacuum the tank every time I do an oil change then I seem to collect no crap on the filter and most definitely no water in the glass bowl.. All I waste is 2-3 litres of diesel
  8. rmiker


    A bit expensive alright!! I got one with android 7, higher specs with two sim card slots for half that price.. runs open cpn quite nicely
  9. Well seen a few boat crews there having a cuppa while waiting for the water to come back... But generally its all good albeit narrow...
  10. your second route is the one that is commonly used and the one that I used to use at low tide. A chart with higher detail will show you.. Unfortunately I can't work out how to post a screen shot from mine
  11. Because you DO NOT want a right angle elbow in your sewage line! Trust me boat designers know that :)
  12. rmiker

    Deck Paint?

    I did ours with kiwigrip 3yrs ago and was still looking pretty good last weekend: I know because I looked hard thinking this must be due for replacement. But it won't be this season
  13. So why change applicator then? Has the price doubled??
  14. Don't know about specific disc's: But if you can't find one try a "Best Touch" black type would probably work best.. green is more expensive and for harder material..
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