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Racing insurance

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Hi guys


Curious if anyone has been denied racing cover due to claim history?


I've had 4 racing claims - one my fault in 8 yrs and am getting a bit of pushback.


I take my racing seriously and am never reckless with crew safety or gear and I'm a bit bloody pissed at having problems


Not aware that part of any policy says that if you chose to claim that it could be cause to be denied in the future. I understand no-claims bonuses etc but out-right denial is a bit crappy.


Does this mean I can't skipper any boat in a race as it will void the owners insurance?


Maybe I'll have to take up golf.


Seriously; good luck to yacht racing if this is how insurance companies start treating us.


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We had racing insurance from FMG but when we failed to pull on the backstay and the top of the mast folded forward we were denied insurance because we didn't hit anything or have a fire! An expensive mistake not to read the fine print!

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Do Pantaenius operate in NZ? I just got a pretty good quote from them - full cover including racing, liability (10 million), environmental cleanup, and crew liability (in case my crew run the dinghy over a third party, as well as additional cover for gross negligence. €1600 p.a. on a new boat... 2K excess.

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I had cover with them a couple of years ago when we brought a boat over from Australia. They were willing to keep covering us here, but didn't have a presence here at the time, just a Sydney office. Service etc was fine, but their racing excess was a lot bigger than the local marine insurers.

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"AMI declined to reinsure me after 2 claims ( 1 of which not my fault).


I thought that was a bit harsh. 


I now treat insurance as serious rig losing stuff only even if its not our fault"




Yep agree there.


Pretty sure most IC's would look sideways at you after multiple claims.

If it ain't your fault and there's no-one to go after, they get twitchy.

A claim is one black mark whatever the value.


Just had a quote from AMI and it was way cheaper than Baillys.

So I'm shifting.

I haven't made any claims, even when the 1k$+  MHU base jumped to the deck.

Figgered it would hurt my pocket in the long run. Just keep it for the serious stuff.

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Sort of on topic ... I hear that insurance in no longer a mandatory requirement for racing. The previous requirement by YNZ was to keep inline with other countries for injury but as we already have insurance (ACC) this is no longer the case. 

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Mines NZI but it's never been used so no idea it they will pay or not.

Racing cover included but the excess when racing is 2K, 5 hundy when cruising or building.

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