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Anti-UV adhesive tape

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Hi Kevin,

3M make some good outdoor quality tapes. There are various types depending on whether you need stretch, strength or self amalgamating properties. I suggest visiting an electrical wholesaler as they will carry the professional quality products and should be able to advise on which one to use. Be prepared to pay a bit more than your standard insulating tape from the local hardware shop.

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40 or more years ago the old Post and Telegraph cable jointers used self amalgamating tape on those new-fangled plastic sheathed telephone cables. It was excellent stuff to have on the boat and totally melded together into a homogenous mass. The modern stuff doesn't seem to do that and in my opinion is nowhere near as good.

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We used this in the Telecommunications biz outdoor for waterproofing coax connections




Been to coastal sites 3+ years old and it's still had to be cut away. It works well, A few times we did have water make it's way in due to improper application so we added this:




over the top, havent had any issues so far

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