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What boat is this?

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Sorry it’s a bad photo, but does anyone know what this boat is?


Was at the Barrier last week, clearly a blue water yacht, stern said it was from R.C.R Alicante. Low free board and very wide, had a strong looking mast. Looked very capable. Any ideas??


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I don't think that is Contessa 32, it is longer than 32 ft (couldn't get that much gear on the transom of a Contessa), although I do agree the lines are not too dissimilar. I think the Contessa has more rake in the stem as well (little hard to tell from the photo). Certainly the Contessa is a renowned sailing boat and would have the characteristics Kiwifish describes.

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I have another photo coming hopefully a better one.


almost flush deck, very large steering wheel. The cockpit was split by a raised section forming two cockpit wells, the raised section held the traveller and the steering wheel. Home port was Alicante if that helps. Had a very solid looking mast and was well setup for blue water.


I like the look of the boat. It was moored up and no one was around unfortunately.

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It could turn into a mid summer mystery

Someone will see them around the coast and find out I’m sure

It’s been left on the mooring for a long time. I’m not sure anyone will see it out and about. It’s moored as per the picture if anyone’s over that way...


Mid summer mystery alright!


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