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Weather forecasting App

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Finally have the boat now so just getting back up to speed with which weather forecasting app is the easiest and most accurate,

Yes I do understand that in NZ weather forecasting is a a job where you can be wrong 50% of the time and still have a job.

Windy, Coast Guard Nowcasting, Windguru?

Any one else?

Based in GH

Any input will be appreciated.

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Does the Coastguard app actually work now for nowcasting?

I use predict wind for anything detailed. The 4 forecasts in it give a good indication of how reliable the forecasts are. If all 4 are the same, it will be reliable, if all 4 are completely different, you know the weather will be like a box of chocolates...

The only way you can get the indication of accuracy for any given day is with multiple models.

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13 hours ago, Sabre said:

I use metvuw first for big picture then Windy for shorter term planning. Also monitor nowcasting when sailing.

I've found Coastguard forcasts are so general and vague they are practically worthless.

I'm very similar, metvuw then PredictWind

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2 minutes ago, Dtwo said:

Or open a window..... 8>)

That would be the difference between a forecast and a nowcast...

Trust me, my missus regularly asks why I don't just open a window... I have all the answers to that one ;-)

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Yep open the window or step onto the driveway and do a 360.

Thanks all for the input

Thinking Metvue looks like the first with Windy and Predictwind a tied second an CG Nowcasting a third,  sorta maybe a crapshoot.

If three give the same forecast go buy a lotto ticket. 🙄

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Note on Windyty you can select between 2 models when using a laptop or desktop. Doesn't appear you can on a tablet, unless the option is buried in a menu I haven't found.

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