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Bloody condensation

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Surprised you get so much condensation in a wooden boat. That grey carpety stuff seems to eliminate condensation more or less - it's the smooth polished (painted9 surfaces that allow it, IMO.

Being a foam boat, Firefly only gets condensation on the windows except for the deck/hull joint, which is just solid glass. Seems to me that a layer of 3mm LD foam included just inside the inside-most layer of cloth would have pretty much solved that as it would insulate the joint as well. All through bolts could easily be recessed those 3mm...

Brittany has a similar  climate to NP in the summer, and Hamilton in the winter, so I'm thinking of getting a dehumidifier to leave running while in the marina this winter. Any thoughts on the dangers?

Previously we have used lots of drypack dehumid. boxes and change them mid winter. But it's messy and I wonder about their effectiveness.

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5 hours ago, vic008 said:

in main saloon! Drip,drip,drip.Thinking can clamp an old sheet to the ceiling. Will it work?

Any bolts, fittings, etc.  that pass all the way through will always drip unless you find a way of insulating them. I have an alloy hull / deck, every metal fixing screw that screwed into the deck beams / stringers would drip. We stuck thin foam strips along the stringers and used nylon machine screws to hold the ply up. No more drips.

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