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Navik self-steering and Optimus 155 kero stove

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In case not noticed in Classifieds / Wanted - on behalf of friend (my former delivery skipper living aboard in Malaysia) trying to help him locate:

1. Navik s/s gear (whole system)

2. Optimus 155 marine kero stove

Any pointers appreciated thanks!

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12 minutes ago, ex TL systems said:

Pretty sure I have a complete Navik plastimo system here I can sell $600

Cool that’s v interesting. Can you PM your contact details (mobile & email) and I’ll connect with my man in Malaysia. I’ll help with logistics if you guys agree on a deal.

If IT is watching - don’t worry we won’t forget the crew.org fee for any sale!

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Used to have kero.Not again.Can ask anyone to boil billy with gas,kero they need to serve an apprenticeship before operating.So, never again. 

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On 12/01/2021 at 7:26 PM, Salinesolution said:

Hey I’ve got a kero 3 burner stove top with an oven. As well as a bag full of spare tips, bowls and all in clueing manual. I’ll try and get to my storage and photo it if your interested. 

Thanks - see PM.

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