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Jetskiers to be fined $200 if caught by new radar gun

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Jetskiers to be fined $200 if caught by new radar gun if speeding in Bay of Plenty waters

Bay of Plenty Regional Council's Harbourmaster team will be trialing the new tool to improve safety on the water this summer, aimed at catching jetskiers breaking the boating rules.

Regional harbourmaster Jon Jon Peters said warnings and education had been used instead of issuing fines over the last couple of years, but a large number of jetskiers were now flouting the rules - that needed to change.

This summer a $200 fine will be issued to those that ignore or break the rules.


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Jet ski boom on coasts increases risk of serious collisions, Water safety group says

Once you could go to an isolated break in Raglan and find only a few surfers dotted amongst the surf.

Now, it’s not unusual to find a crowd of jet skis vying for the best wave, Mark Haimona says.

Jet skis are being increasingly used by surfers to access challenging breaks, Haimona said.

“In Raglan, the locals are saying I don’t want to surf the points because everyone's there, I want to go and surf Mussel Rock.

“I turn up there and my God, there's 10 other skis.”



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Writing as a ferriner here, I'm not sure that $ 200 is enough of a bite. 

Around here (Sweetwater Seas, US) the going rate for jet ski rentals 

is about $ 100 NZD's per half hour. 

It might well be less in Aotearoa. 

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You're right AJ. But under the new way Government of Jacinderella it's kindness, understanding, education and reward. The land of milk and honey.It's why the world is beating a path to our door. We even pay for certain sectors of the population to get a drivers license. .Fully expect that soon the blowflies of the ocean  will get the same consideration

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oh fcuk off AA.

The world is beating a path because we took appropriate strict action on COVID.

The fines for jetskiiers are the same as those for any watercraft exceeding the speed limit.  They are set and policed by the reghional authority not government despite your fetid and fevered imaginings.  They are generally poorly policed because as ratepayers we do not prioritise it.

We pay for people to get licences for the same reason we pay for people to get medical training - it helps them get a job.  As a side-issue, it reduces low level illegal behaviour and so reduces exposure to the criminal justice system which, to be frank, is the best training and recruitment grounds the gangs could ever have access to.

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