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Watching practice races?

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26 minutes ago, Bad Kitty said:

Anyone up on how to watch the practice races?

And before any trolls tell me I'm too lazy to search myself, that's all well established thanks.

Would have thought standing on the bridge deck of the big Bad Kitty would have been and ideal spot!

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have heard it's course C today, but that won't be confirmed publicly til 10am 

which means north head would be ideal

IF, you can get to devonport

presumably they want people to take the ferry and walk to north head

takapuna beach grandstand now advertising to watch race and have big screen for close-ups

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we watched a volvo start from the water

got there early and got a good spot right up against the SPECTATOR boundary

just before start, a towering commercial gin-palace with paying guests anchored right in front of us on the inner  VIP boundary

council desperate to milk this for all they can

don't expect much for free

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here's the official release

First race will start at 15:12 and will see Emirates Team New Zealand facing Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team. Race 2 (American Magic VS INEOS TEAM UK) will start at 15:50, Race 3 (INEOS TEAM UK VS Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team) is foreseen for 16:42PM. Last race of the day will see American Magic facing the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand at 17:20.

Course Area C will be used for racing today 17 December 2020  and weather forecast are for Southwest breezes and moderate wind 16 to 19 knots with low tide at 16:13.


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Fantastic day up here on north head.....weather perfect, tons of people but still place to sit with uninterrupted views....sir Ben had a major moment and almost tipped the boat over after a horrible gybe...but after a minute they got back going

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deano sailed a near perfect race -1? error

but etnz seem to have a slightly faster boat - let down by 5? errors

at this 1st day of official racing

i think i'd rather have the faster boat


just watched the video and it seems patriot was faster both up and down, but etnz kept catching up after their f$%^ups

so they must have been sailing better angles

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even though the teams seem to know 9am the day before

it looks like the public's need-to-know for the daily course has been pushed out to 10.30am on the day

Check back after the race course is announced by America's Cup race management at 10:30am on 18 December for other locations to view the race.  


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back on C

great views fro north head

Friday 18 December 2020, 3:00 PM at Race course C

PRADA America’s Cup World Series Auckland round robin races 5, 6, 7 and 8 is on 18 December 2020. Find travel information and planning options for the viewing locations around Auckland.

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