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Dozens of sharks spotted off beach

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Dozens of sharks spotted off popular Coromandel beach including a large group of hammerhead sharks

Aerial photos showing dozens of sharks just off Matarangi Beach might surprise some people.

But Whitianga resident Philip Hart often flies over the water and says seeing sharks is normal, with some just 50 to 100 metres away from surfers and swimmers. Yet the fear-inducing predators are more interested in fish, he says.

Hart recently took aerial images, which show groups of bronze whalers – measuring about 1 to 2.5m long – and hammerhead sharks just off the popular and placid Coromandel Peninsula beach.




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Its the summer holidays. The media go on about car crashes, the road toll, and sharks.

This year they got a big boost to the shark angle with a fatality. So shark stories will be bread and butter until normal business resumes some time.

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21 minutes ago, ex Elly said:

More people are killed by bees and cows.

On a hike back in the day, we encountered a group of bovines in the hills above Blenheim, 

and a young bull apparently thought that I was flirting with his girlfriends. 

He was totally ready to go at it. 

Just lucky I had my magic Kiwi walking stick with me . .  

or it could have gone South  . . . .   hey wait, when it goes sideways, do you say North? 


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