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Spencer 28 vs nova 28 vs compass 790

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There are 2 spencer 28 om T/M which one? the round bilge or square,if square it will be tight with family,over grown stileto.I had the Sabre 30 and not a great cruising yacht but we had  fun.

Compass790 hard to tell from photos but a couple on the Web look roomy enough.

Nova 28  a lot produced in ply but the one I saw om T/M is glass.

Depending on family size ages going by T/M photos I would be looking at the Nova but then again at the Nova price you could get a D28.

All comes down to maintaince,mechanical,sails etc 

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The one with the best maintenance record and all signs of being loved.

After that, get everyone aboard and move around the cabin and cockpit.  See who falls over who, who smacks their head, who gets stuck in the head or can't get into it etc.

That should eliminate at least one of the three.

Lastly, the additional equipment and features.  Fridge, fitted GPS/plotter, quality cooker, anchor and all the lines (not really additional equipment on a yacht, but often overlooked).

Then survey.

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Yes i was interested but didnt really know anything about the boat or the price so i didnt follow up.  Thankyou for you offer of a sail.  There is a real sense of "cant be bothered" from sellers when trying to see boats. Im guessing there are so many tyre kickers and time wasters that sellers get fed up with it. Many sellers either didnt respond at all or wouldnt make a time to view.  But anyway, i want to get a professional rigger to look over the standing rigging, a marine electrician to look at the wiring so if anyone has any recommendations that would be great.



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