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Wellington Electric Ferry

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Apparently having " integration issues"  I guess that is why they had to integrate the tow line from the police RIB with the bollard on the bow....

This craft  is dependent on a big overnight charge to enable the days sailings with minimal top up between, if for some reason the overnight one wasnt complete.....

Some good lessons here for the Auckland ones under construction paid for by you and me. Lucky there wasnt a light Wellington zephyr blowing....

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I don't know what 'integration issues' is a euphemism for here, but I doubt they ran out of charge. If you do have that sort of problem, you know it's coming in advance, and don't have passengers onboard away from the wharf when it happens. So I'd say it's something else. 

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Well you would hope that Maritime NZ is writing that into the new leccy ferry rules that they are making up at present while the ferry is in use......Something like dont leave the dock when flashing green light he goes red 😉

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