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Boatbuilder to advise on a Spencer repair

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Stepping Out is a 10m Spencer Saraband.  For about 10 years, she has had a longitudinal crack on the inside of the cabintop.  It is offset from the centreline of the yacht and looks to be where two sheets of ply have been joined. 

The cabin top looks to be two layers of 12mm ply laminated with offset joins (as you would expect).  The crack is not visible on the outside. It makes creaking noises when the rig loads up...

I'm looking for a boatbuilder to give advice on repair.  I'd love to think its a simple grind/glue/glass and paint, but I want to be sure.  Pointers to a reliable practical reasonable trademan would be appreciated.  The yacht is located in Clevedon. 

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This is quite a common problem with staggered butt joints, this means that where each one of these joints is the cabin top is only as strong as a single layer of plywood. These butt joints actually create a stress riser making these cracks show. My solution would be to use a router with a batten as a guide to rout out about 50mm each side of the crack x 3mm deep and fill with epoxy and glass. Raking out  the  butt joint and filling with epoxy would  make the job even stronger.

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Thanks Muzza - that is essentially the plan.  Been trying to get on the hard for a few weeks now but life and slow moving yard jobs are conspiring against us.  

Depending on how motivated I feel, the plan is to cut out the full depth of the sheet about 100mm each side of the butt, epoxy in a new section, glass over.

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