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Removal of Bronze Blakes seacock

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Hopefully someone has done this before.... The bronze seacock on my Lotus is now 35 years old and is starting to show signs of dezincing- patches of pink and the internal cone is badly pitted. I don't trust it anymore.

I've looked up the diagram of how it is put together and the outer flange is held by coachbolts through the hull to the inner flange. it is of course put neatly away in a cupboard under the sink in the toilet, and therefore there is no room to swing a hammer and drift. The tube that goes through the hull may even have been epoxied in place for all I know.. see pic.

I realise that I am going to destroy the thing to get it out, and all I can think of at the moment is to punch and drill the coach bolts out from the outside.

If anyone has any tips etc ?

If it won't come, plan B is to block it off and put a separate skin fitting alongside it, but I'd prefer to do a 'proper' job.


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Hah! You're a hard case! The diameter of the outside flange is nearly 4 inches, 95mm, so I'll try to keep it smaller if I can. It's less to fill and then put a new hull fitting in. Although,in the end I might have to go big.

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Thanks guys - its off, holesaw three quarters of the way and then a sledgehammer did the rest. A couple of marine ply discs will fill  it. Everything was epoxied in and hidden. There was not outer flange, they had simply set the bolts in epoxy a la West System.

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