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Priced off the poles - what areas to look for a small mooring?

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A bit left field, but you could consider Putiki Bay, Waiheke. Quite a few vacant moorings there and also at Huruhi Bay. Involves a ferry trip and a bus ride to get to your boat, but works out cheaper than a city-side location. A lot of boaties keep their dinghies at the end of Wharf Rd. 

Matiatia would be even more convenient. I suspect a few will migrate to the new marina at Kennedy Point when it opens, so there could well be a few vacant moorings available then.

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And now Half Moon Bay marina have increased their berth rentals by 10%.    😭

Reason given "market rates - the other marinas have put their prices up".   👎

Add that to the 7% increase last year = a 17% increase in 14 months.

Is this sustainable/ affordable?

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6 minutes ago, ex Elly said:


Is this sustainable/ affordable?

Of course it is, if you own a boat you must be a rich white male🤣

I can understand price rises like that where the marina/moorings are operated in conjunction with a hardstand, as operational costs for haulage equipment, fuel, wages etc are all climbing. But where it is a stand alone marina that offers nothing other than a place to park your boat, its pretty hard to swallow those increases. In all fairness thou, I don't know of any businesses in any industry that wouldn't have had a price rise of less than the equivalent inflation % in the last 12 months... I could be wrong thou as I don't get out much.... I can't afford to as I own a bloody boat🤣


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