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A bad day at work

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Apparently it was travelling at 13kts and lost steerage and power, they had enough time to call in a mayday and clear the bulk of the bridge traffic. 





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Almost did in January with two tugs fighting hard to control a ship in strong Westerly , took her to Chelsea -then back down the Harbour when the wind died to the Port.

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Definitely a sad day for the city as well.  The port was hanging on a bit as the 105miles up the Chesapeake added a lot of cost to carriers.  This could be the death knell.

Over the years we sailed under that bridge many times, Also Wed night racing the harbour side for about a dozen years. It is a busy port and always fun.  Was often cat and mouse with the ship movements and interesting to see if anyone got an immediate disqualification from5 honks -and it did happen

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