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Aground in the Noises

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1 hour ago, ex Elly said:


What does the green and red represent on the track? would that be speed?

If so it would appear they've been breaking down / going dark ship, getting it going again and breaking down again. Hopefully they have just drifted onto the Noises, which will be a whole lot easier to recover from than hitting it at speed.

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The colour represents speed. Green is about 10 knots. Red is about 2 knots. So hopefully they were going slow when they hit. But looks like they had a problem earlier on. Anyway the track is now moving north, so they may be off now.


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55 minutes ago, Sudden5869 said:

Am I bit naive?  Do we have other nations fishing within NZs exclusive economic zone (EEZ)....?  Specifically in the Hauraki Gulf....? 

Not saying this boat is, but many of the Iwi that were awarded quota then contract foreign boats and crew to fish it for them. There were HUGE problems with slave like conditions, brutality etc toward crews and what not. There was a series of news storeys some time ago (pre covid) about this. I believe those boats were from Korea or Taiwan. They were certainly bottom rung in terms of maintenance, age, crew welfare and what not. Iwi were washing their hands of the issues claiming it was intermederiares that were doing the chartering. Strangely various vested interests were keen to keep such carrying-ons out of the media. Our object and unbiased mainstream media didn't push it further.

That, and it is also common for foriegn boats to fish international waters around NZ and come into NZ for crew changes and supplies etc. I understood those were normally way down south (Bluff, Dunedin, Lyttleton). I don't think it is common for them to come into Auckland. Some of those boats also have reputation for being bottom rung on all aspects of age, maintenance and crew welfare.

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Iwi, first it's dolphin whispering, and now they are running fishing vessels into the noises, what next!!!

I guess they havent read the ammendment which has been law since 2014 https://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/2014/0060/latest/DLM4794424.html


A bill to strengthen the regulation of foreign-owned commercial fishing vessels operating in New Zealand waters has passed its third and final reading in Parliament today. The Fisheries (Foreign Charter Vessels and Other Matters) Bill will require all foreign charter vessels to carry the New Zealand flag from 1 May 2016, and operate under full New Zealand legal jurisdiction.

“This will give us full jurisdiction over areas like employment and labour conditions on vessels fishing in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone. It will help ensure fair standards for all fishing crews working in our waters.”

  • Require all foreign-owned vessels operating in New Zealand waters to carry the New Zealand flag from 1 May 2016, and operate under full New Zealand legal jurisdiction.
  • Enable the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to consider employment, pollution/waste discharge issues,  vessel safety matters as well as fisheries matters, when assessing applications for registration of foreign-owned fishing vessels;
  • Allow MPI Fishery Observers to collect information on employment pollution/waste discharge, and vessel safety matters, as well as the scientific information they collect now:
  • Confer new powers to suspend the registration of non-compliant foreign-owned fishing vessels.

The Bill is part of a range of measures that followed a Ministerial inquiry in 2012 into questionable safety, labour and fishing practices on some foreign-owned vessels.

The Government has already introduced a range of measures including:

  • Compulsory individual New Zealand bank accounts for crew members
  • Observers on all foreign-owned fishing vessels.
  • Independent audits of charter parties to ensure crew visa requirements – including wages – are being adhered to.


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I agree neuruter family. When we visited the gulf last month we kept our fishing rods in their racks. It's nothing like it was even when we left Auckland 25 years ago let alone when we were kids. 

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Related to Fishing boat grounding at Noises Island, but a bigger issue / subject altogether...  Grim.  

The next day underwater photographer Shaun Lee visited the site to see what damage had been done. He found a 9m2 gash in the reef where the large ship had made impact with massive force, leaving a tonne of broken rubble.  
However, it was not the worst damage to be found.  The ship had crashed into what several decades ago was a rich shallow reef filled with biodiverse seaweed forests and an abundant marine community. Now a near moon landscape featured in the dive, with little sign of life barring some tattered stalks of seaweed and turfing algae.   

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