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Stainless Exhaust elbow

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I know that this has probably been done to death, but is it really worth spending twice the price (ish - abouut 425 vs 720ish) on a stainless exhaust mixing elbow over the cast iron version? Its the u-shaped mixing elbow in my Yanmar 2YM-15....

this one https://www.firebirdmarine.co.nz/product/146775-yanmar-1-2-3gm-2-3qm-exhaust-mixing-elbow

vs this one https://www.boatpartsnz.co.nz/product-page/exhaust-elbow-yanmar-gm-series

need to replace my current cast iron one...







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Steel elbow, schedule 40 or even 80 will out last most every thing, 80 is really overkill, will do as well as anything else, modern cast iron is often not tempered (aged) Monel would be ok but probably priced north of SS

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No harm looking for alternatives my yanmar one for example was replaced with a fabricated stainless bend threaded for the manifold flange with a welded nipple on the downhill side for the water inlet. Very basic, inexpensive and reliable, I've seen a few of the oem style of cast mixer clogged and corroded, it may be to do with the tight bend;


but go here for a similar thread 


you could try your luck on alibaba if you want a less expensive option https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/GM-Stainless-Steel-Exhaust-Mixing-Elbow_1600768358150.html

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I'm no expert on elbows, but when I put my new engine in the supplier had a wide range of alternative elbows to assist with retrofitting the engine into the existing installation. None of them were anywhere near those prices. I would have though $200 to $400 max (2019 dollars).

If I recall correctly they were all alloy elbows. Fairly sure the elbow on my engine is alloy too. I don't really know what the value is in stainless over iron over alloy. Given most of my engine is alloy now I can't see the issue with an alloy elbow, it wont corrode like iron, and is a fraction of the price of stainless - which corrodes anyway in the lack of oxygen.

My engine is a Beta and the supplier was the Engine Room (don't get confused with the fine dinning engine room when googling). It might be worth a phone call. I know at the time they had a 'volvo' cross over elbow and a half dozen other options from super high, straight, slightly offset etc. I can't comment on the hole spacing, but that may be able to be easily fixed.

The Engine Room Ltd

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thanks.  always found the engine room amazing to deal with when i had my bukh

seems that Yanmar parts are more challenging.  different distribution model maybe but i miss easy access to (albeit expensive) spares all in one place

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Firebird and Parts4engines are onsellers

If you want it- go to the manufacturer.



I ordered direct online with HDI and got the elbow in about 3-4 days from what I understand firebird rep them in NZ and add another cog to the whole process that may or may not be as fast.

Word is the guy that heads up HDI was outraged at the price OEM wanted for his onboard exhaust elbow and he was in the  Stainless casting business so he made his own and pretty soon had himself a nice line of business.

He does all sorts Yanmar Volvo, Yanmar, Ford Lehman, Cummins,  Caterpillar  the list goes on

Ovlov wanted from memory $767 Plus GST for a like for like replacement, dealing with HDI direct I got one ex US in cast stainless landed for around $450.00 and they included the high temp gasket nicely packed in a CD case.

I was impressed.

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