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Auckland Ross 830 Champs?

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If 5+ boats can be found that wish to race, Richmond YC will add a Ross 830 division to their smallboat champs weekend.


This are usually held in the Fall around the end of the season and include the Marauders, Trackers, Reactors, etc.


Usually a few windward / lewards and a harbour race run over a weekend, with a party on the Saturday night at RYC.


So, who's in? What boats can we find?


Ross 830's in the Auckland scene:


Revolution Blues

Bump and Grind (hmmm)

Whale Rider

The Numbers Game

Le Clandestine Jet



Free Willy? (was for sale)

Solo Convoy? (for sale...)

Wavecajin? (also hmmm)

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I could enquire about a Ross 780s division - same rules apply, get 5+ boats together.


If I can't get 5+ Ross 830s interested perhaps we can make a Ross (780 to 830) division created :) I could rebrand RB as a Ross 780ss, with the ss meaning "super slow" if my results against XTSea are any indication.


It's not clear to me if inviting a bunch of "class" boats to a "championship series" is stepping on anyone's historical priority with these classes, anyone know the history?

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OK, so still wanting to hear from more boats if possible - I imagine we could swing a Ross 830 division AND a Ross 780 division, or a combined division if there are not enough boats for separate divisions.


The current date for the 2014 associations regatta is May 3rd/4th. The NOR will not go out for a while so chat up your friends...

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Good idea SD. Revo the concept of BNG racing stock boats isnt going to spin their wheels as its quite a different beast so I'm not sure how you would handicap. Perhaps the stock ones all get the average of their PHRF each vs our PHRF or something like that?

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The regatta in question is to support class racing for smaller (


I'd guess a Ross 780 div would be welcomed, a combined Ross 830/780 div might be welcomed but no guarantees as this is supposed to be class racing. Idea is not a Ross 780 nationals - just a class regatta.


Regarding BnG - which is at one end of the Ross830 spectrum - we could likely find a way to make it work. I like to point out the only time I've ever raced BnG I won on line - heavy winds, gear issues and less crew is a great leveler. :) I doubt this will ever happen again!


As a racer I won't get involved with the handicap setting, sorry, nor do I suspect the RO would wish to ponder this publicly. Suggestions are always welcome and from what I can tell, given consideration.

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If you don't already know we have a mildly modified r780.

We tend to keep up with or beat standard 830's, BnG had legs on us when we last raced her although I have a couple of new sails since then. I haven't raced against any 930's yet.

I'd be keen on racing against a bunch of other ross boats and would be quite happy to use race track handicaps.

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- heavy winds, gear issues and less crew is a great leveler. :) I doubt this will ever happen again!


Aw Shucks Revo, you never know - stranger things have happened at sea....


I'm in the process of eliminating the gear issues right now tho :)

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