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PYBC lidgard Sails 3 legged Weekend

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Please E-mail the club and the info pack and entry form to be sent out or contact John@sparloft.co.nz (09 5793923) so I can arrange your entry.

or Lewis or Grant at Lidgard Sails (4891111)

The club site webmaster is down so the new entry form can't be uploaded. please contact the above or club office 09 5702318

to have the entry forwarded



John PYBC race office

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Yep, we have been watching this one develop since Friday am hoping that it would bugg*r off East.


Weatherwatch have said there is a moderate to high risk of a tropical cyclone either directly hitting, or brushing, the upper North Island late next week.

Windguru has 20 gusting 40 forecast at Takapuna

Predict Wind has 40 gusting 70 at Motuhie

Metvuw has the big low shown


Let's hope they are all wrong ......


Metservice hasn't made any comment yet

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The race is still scheduled for this weekend but we are look hard at the weather reports

there are options

sail as listed, modify the course, or change to the weekend of the 28th March

all entrants will be emailed if there is a change before the Briefing on Thursday night



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I vote to change the weekend.

Coming down from gulf harbour on friday would meaning bashing into this all the way to the start, then and uphill bash all the way to chamberlains in 30 knots.

Although sat and sunday is looking like down hill 40 - 50 knots is just a wee bit much for a wee R780.

If you're gonna run I'll see you next year :)

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You have to remember that simply changing the weekend won't work for some people. This has been on the calendar for probably quiet a few people for a while now and they will have organised other things for other weekends. I can understand the reasoning though.


Predict wind is only showing 30 knot gusts averaging mid twenties for most of Saturday and Sunday. Iv found them to be reasonable for the past few weeks.


I reckon let it pan out and see what happens.

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