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  1. or try Profile metals they do lots of stuff for the marine industry and have a laser cutter
  2. I have two brand new 5m extension cables, these are Volvo parts and plug directly into the OEM plugs to extend the harness if your control panel is too far from the control box. $50 each if they are of interest PM me
  3. I taught my kids from early on, if you can hit it with a bottle then it is too close. so i create the bottles and they prepare them for use, i have found that green bottles have the best range so i tend to stick with them
  4. anyone not using there berth this Saturday night, taking the boat up town, and probably dont need it but would like to have the option to park there from about 6pm to 9pm if i need to. Westhaven apparently not doing rentals at the moment due to a renovation project. happy to pay the going rate for a nightly rental, need minimum 12m
  5. I spoke to someone involved with putting it out, no definite answer until the fire guys finish there investigation etc. etc but the current thought is that it was the batteries, fire started not long after the mechanics turned on the batteries to test the engines after some work was done, I also heard that the insurance company will pay out the classic but also give the boat back so it can be rebuilt, If that rumour is true then good on the insurance company as better to let the owners work on options to have it restored than to write it off and have it go to landfill, sounds like a boat w
  6. yes ended up having drinks on the beach with them, he did say he had done sailing as a kid, but we wont hold launching against them, seems much more practical with small kids, I have even been tempted
  7. whats the boat chariot? i think the actual damage was restricted to boats fairly close, by 5.30pm only D pier was closed and all the rest open. Marina sent out an email last night to say all directly effected boat owners had been contacted and other boats on A-D should visit and potentially need to wash any soot off. The breeze direction did pretty much mean smoke only blew over the end few boats on the first four piers so only a few would need a wash
  8. my neighbour knows the owner of the classic next door, apparently just recently relaunched after a like new rebuild, the owner is gutted. He invested a lot of both money and his time to get it perfect My wife was there when the fire started and heard the local sparkies talking about how to put out a lithium battery fire so probably the rumour started from there, i am sure we will find out over the next day or so if it is true
  9. i got something similar with my vesper unit, i mounted it behind the instrument panel, otherwise it would have disappeared with the first rope to catch on it, I know that maritime radio can see me from 20 mile so must be getting a reasonable signal out though the deck
  10. does your 608 include cable? apparently the solution that i had is missing a critical cable so back to sourcing a new unit
  11. have had the unit off now and bench tested and it is definately the cable so pulling the cable and will get a new one made as there are none in stock around AK
  12. thanks for the offer, will let you know if i need to take it up, Sparkie looking at it now though he had a new unit in his workshop so chasing that down now
  13. If you have either a 508 simnet cable 25m or a new 608 replacement unit and cable let me know, although i replaced the cable on mine 3 months ago it appears the new one is now not working so i need a replacement asap as i have northern triangle in a few days, happy to buy a 608 unit or borrow and replace with a new one when stock arrives
  14. predict wind, the observations gives you nowcasting for 20+ sites all over the harbour in a single screen which is really useful
  15. yeah not quite the same, but i do understand how hard it was for SSANZ, talking to one of the committee member i got the feeling most boats were travelling with support crew and i was one of the few planning on taking all the spares i need and not planning touching land until i returned. I am pretty sure my wife was going to be happy to see the back of me for a week. Not sure how one arranges a support crew, maybe that is where the mistress comes in!. Just happy they will give us a berth at Westhaven so i dont have to travel from pine harbour twice
  16. agree with most of the sentiment here about getting the best boat possible but i would not be looking at a 20k boat in rough condition and comparing it to a 40k boat in good condition and thinking 20k on the rough boat will get it to the same standard, i would double it and go 20k plus 40k will get you to the condition of the 40k boat. I have plenty of personal experience of this, my latest boat is hopefully in that 120k mark now, but i paid 90k for it and so far have spent at least another 90k to get it to be a tidy boat probably worth $120k. new motor, new furler and standing rigging
  17. must have been a bad day in Oneroa, we left there about 4pm and had to rescue an upside down 15ft tinny just by the entrance, was being towed by a small fizz boat that was struggling, so we hooked a halyard onto it, anchored so we faced the breeze and then hoisted it the right way up. previous occupants looked shell shocked!
  18. plus1 for the icom, would not get another cobra as i could never get it loud enough without putting it to my ear
  19. more specifically waterproof marine 6x9's mine sit at the back of the cockpit fully in the weather. Only ones I have found recently have come out of the states
  20. are there any brands that do decent 6x9s still? the problem i have is that the holes in the cockpit are already cut so to change to another speaker size means filling, painting etc. so at this stage i replace with cheap marine 6x9s out of the states as they are the only option i can find but i know that they will only last a coupe of years max and then i will have to do something
  21. swapped from a plough to a sarca excel on the last boat and was so impressed it was the first thing that i purchased on the new boat, just dont back up too quickly as it stops the boat dead as soon as it starts to dig in
  22. try the rigger at Opua Marina, can remember the name of the guy but he used to have heaps of old furlex spares
  23. so long as your boat doesn't have a cabin, if it does then you have to race with someone from your household, that might make it interesting!
  24. thanks for that will check out the coil options
  25. been using my daily exercise time to vist the boat during lockdown, running the motor occasionally, today when i did it and flick on the freezer to give the gase a cycle through i noticed the motor labour more than normal, then noticed that the amp meter go off the chart, turn the freezer switch returned it to normal, checked all wiring/earth etc, ran it again and same result. No blown fuses, wires are cold, compressor seems to be running fine and pipes were getting cold so seems to be operating normally, What else could cause a spike in amps used? Googling offers up mechanical options
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