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    Well, the Doc has been out and done some sailing, but he's more recently been spending his days at the hospital sitting in the neonatal unit watching his new (and incredibly tiny) second son. 1.9kg and a month early. But it's true, I should post some photos and a few more words about the sailing. At Windsor landing, Betty is lovely. She lets us use her ramp to launch our Welsford Navigator, and we can walk there in about 10 minutes. In general though, the public ramp down there is a bit of a disaster as it'll take considerable dredging to make it even a half tide ramp. The size of bo
  11. Claiming salvage has to be +200 miles out, no? Just like you can't claim someone's boat if it washes up on the beach.
  12. So I’ve a couple of matching hulls made of glass n polyester that were gifted to me by a reputable nz boating fellow when I was but a youngster. They are scale models of one of his actual designs, although which design I’m not sure. Originally they were intended to be just rigged and then chased through the shallows, which sounded like a lot of hard work to me when I was that young. I’ve decided that I want to finally complete the project and do them justice, not the least because it’d be cool to sit in a bay with my boy and race each other around the anchored boats. I can cast some a
  13. Vets are not magicians. As has been said before on this thread, anaesthetising mammals such as seals and dolphins is not possible. Vets don't work on Tigers and Leopards (or even your regular tabby) with out some kind of anaesthetic. If the could, they would. Shooting it is simply not an option. Just like shooting a rogue and dangerous kiwi wouldn't be an option. Just keep away from it, and don't leave your dinghy inflated in the water when you're not there. Get different fenders, and legislate that insurance companies can't increase their premiums based on the presence of Owha? I
  14. A high powered slug gun? A .22 would likely make more damage inside, but we don't know how much damage there is. If your fenders are exploding like that, then you should stop filling them with hydrogen.
  15. No. Not jealous at all. Not even a bit.... it's killing me .....!
  16. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/401893/yachts-capsize-in-fierce-winds-during-south-island-race
  17. That's not pleasant at all...
  18. Wow. Less than 12h for a non-canting, non foiling 34ft mono. I guess that's my number to beat... an avg of more than 10knts...
  19. Indeed it looked like carnage. Saw someone flying the largest white flag I've ever seen from a masthead halyard...
  20. I think it doesn't matter how you run it, the weather will change over the 10-15h it takes for a fast mono to make it, and even more so for the slower monos. At the end of the day, the only way you can make it without the weather changing dramatically it so sail a blinder at speeds up to 45knts as Beau Geste just did - and of course you're not going to manage that in a Peidy no matter how tricked out it is. So unless it's a drifter and the wind fills in gradually from the south after 15h, the slower boats will always be finishing a day after the fast ones. The two legged race would reduce th
  21. beaugeste . before afternoon tea. first mono, Awen, in time for an afternoon beer.
  22. FC3 53. It's this exact boat here. Finot Conq... that's why it looks a little like a Pogo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHYJHVSSHhM
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