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  1. Yes, I'm a liveaboard in Seaview. I am sure there are a few others but as we mostly use pseudonyms for user names, it makes them kinda hard to identify.
  2. I use Tufgel also. It is also available in a wee syringe. I got mine from Burnsco.
  3. I guess I have a high FGF then Knot me. I sail solo, and a good night's sleep is important to me. I don't want to do anchor watch if I can avoid it! I don't consider my setup excessive at all. Just a prudent combination that will allow me to have options should I need them, from kedging off, or having to release a stuck anchor for later retrieval. The rock anchor is also great to throw a line ashore and catch a tree or bush, giving you a temporary stern line till you sort everything else out. You can see more on my website https://sites.google.com/site/nova28yacht/ I am not sure a
  4. On Smile, (Nova 28 about 3+ ton-ish which I liveaboard), I have 20m 8mm chain, and 60m x 14mm three strand attached to a Rocna 15 as my primary anchor. The secondary or stern anchor is 20m of 8mm chain and 50m x 14mm three strand attached to a Danforth 18. The third anchor is a four prong folding rock pick with 50m x 12mm three strand. I haven't used the second or third anchor in real anger in over 20 years of sailing the sounds and generally anchor in 10 - 15m occasionally with a stern line. The anchor winch is handy to pull the Rocna out though, it's character forming without it...
  5. I purchased one and can recommend them.
  6. Gillian

    Nova 28

    Hi Nagy et all. Yes happy to have further info to add to the site especially if to do with design and construction or projects. Please note that I am singularly lazy and it may take time to get stuff up! Perhaps it will give me the incentive to document the improvements I have made to Smile. I have been living aboard Smile for the last two years plus and I am effectively self sufficient for most things, TV, Computer, Refrigeration etc, and although there is never enough space to mount solar panels and that wind generators are so stupid noisy I wont have one, I do supplement with the engine
  7. Gillian

    Nova 28

    Hi Guys. Just letting you know that my Nova 28 web site hasn't gone away, its just been moved. I guess the search engines haven't caught up with it yet https://sites.google.com/site/nova28yacht/ Cheers
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