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  1. Great work, looks just as good as spray job. Can you give some tips on how you go about your roll on paint job, what paint, what to do, what not to do and what to watch out for. Seriously thinking of painting the cockpit. Thanks
  2. I have a facnor flatdeck furler on my 36 footer, it has many advantages, never jams easy to furl and I think its great and all is good, until the lower bearing seized. I was told that the bearing is sealed and needed a complete lower bearing kit. I got a quote from the local agent that the bearing kit would be about 2k landed (it has to be ordered and dispatch from France). Before I commit to order (as it will probably take a while before it arrive from France), Just checking the forum wisdom, if anyone has similar experience with the lower bearings and if there are any other options for
  3. Not sure if been discussed re insurance and boat use during 3 & 4, just got this frm my insurer, which is very succinct: Is your boat covered by insurance, if being used during the Covid-19 Level 3 & 4 Lockdown? If you use your boat, having been told by the Government that you shouldn't, then the short answer is "No"
  4. Tell that to this billionaire Black Perl owner
  5. How much force or wind is needed to flaten a super yacht with bare pole?
  6. It appears, the mooring pole next to my boat just snapped off, must be very localised, lucky as no damage to boat. That said, while it was exceptional circumstances, some of the poles around WH is getting pretty old. Pays to eyeball the poles and condition of mooring lines, never know.
  7. Hi, Where can u buy the winch bit? any local suppliers (Alk)? Thks
  8. k88

    Electric Car

    Why do electric cars (like Prius, etc) do not have solar panels. Obviously not charge the car fully but will sure help significantly.
  9. k88

    Backstay flicker

    Any advise for what to use and optimal length for 11mtr yacht. The original (I think is tapered sail batten) only lasted couple of years, incredible the condition of it under strong NZ uv, can see the strands of fibre literally breaking up. Is there a special material (maybe a ss spring?) to use and what is optimal length?
  10. But who would you blame? Systemic cascading failure?
  11. As mentioned somewhere before, initial capital cost is only a small consideration. The biggest cost (opex) for most, will be marina costs, followed by haulouts or sails, and insurances all of which is "length dependent". This is especially for boats that just missed the marina length cutoff length. At the moment a lot of boats are getting away with it i.e. for 1020 the can squeeze into a 10m and 1220 in to a 12m berth. No doubt in future, things will tighten up and a 1220 will have to be in a 13.5 or 14 m berth, and opex cost could be significant as it will be on going and one way (up). For so
  12. Future? http://www.sailmagazine.com/boats/design-and-technology/hanses-innovative-rudder-drive-system/ Excellent maneuverability, no more dipping glands, or worry about leaking sail drive seals, etc...way to go
  13. Thats the one we found! the inside one. Would it take much for westhaven to mark it with a pole
  14. I did a search in crew.org and sure enough I am not the only one, looks like BOOBOO hit the uncharted rock in his post: http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/13149-uncharted-rocks-in-marina/?hl=westhaven&do=findComment&comment=167564 The post from BOOBOO: "Posted 22 June 2016 - 11:00 PM Westhaven has 2 of them near the breakwall of the eastern emtetence to. I have hit both of them in different boats. Never my own though." I was lucky that I only just skimmed over it, and my Young 11 is only 2.2m draft (2 of us on board), as I said, it could do some damage to someone with
  15. I know we had big tides lately, but very surprised last sat at low tide, skimmed over a rock just pass the eastern main entrance. Only draw 2.2m. Westhaven aware? Can imagine what happens if a super yacht hit it.
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