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  1. A coping strategy... Am What shall we do with a locked-down sailor? G What shall we do with a locked-down sailor? Am What shall we do with a locked-down sailor? C G Am Early in the morning [Ch] Way-hey and up she rises… Bleat about the lockdown till it’s over… Stare at the water and curse Jacinda… Sneak down the inlet before it’s daylight.. Drink all the rum (there’ll be none for sailing)…
  2. Damn. It's explicit: "Hunting, boating, yachting and any team sports or training are not allowed." https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-3/#workers-and-businesses
  3. Oh joy... break out the popcorn as I tow the love object to a place where I can raise sail, with the dinghy...
  4. Oh sh*t Really sorry to hear that - the term "character forming" doesn't quite begin to cover it.
  5. The background to some of the weirdness: The chair, Joseph Bergin, actually _FAILED_ to be elected to the board; he got there by default after another board member [ Chris Darby(?) ] became a full councillor. I'm reasoning that he believes he owes nothing to the public, has no expectation of being elected in 2016 (if he bothers to stand) - and is therefore free to do favours to whomever, with nothing to lose.
  6. Go Malaysia; about bloody time _SOMEONE_ applied pressure somewhere.
  7. Hmmm. I _believe_ the Suspect Device I installed into the motor is a combined rectifier / regulator. Will find out definitively.
  8. What's considered best practice for connecting the outboard's rectifier to the rest of the boat's wiring? Occurs to me this isn't entirely straightforward because when the outboard's running _IT_ should be protected by a fuse; but even when it's not there's a live circuit to the tail with a connector right where it's subject to spray and other bad things.
  9. I feel for the guys involved - four years preparation, and then what - do you pull the pin? Take the punt you won't get a superbug? Jesus.
  10. That is pretty much what Mick described - thank you both
  11. I have a _bundle_ of cables I need to pass through a hole in a bulkhead. The installation must be gas-tight lest something nasty and explosive occur which puts a premature end to my boating career. Best way to accomplish?
  12. banaari


    R.I.P. Arahura "Currently in port: ALANG" http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/512000034
  13. 0, 1, 2, 3 hulls... whatever, anything that might get people into boats is a Good Thing.
  14. I still shudder when I see the original crash sequence. Should be compulsory viewing for all would-be skippers.
  15. And sadly it seems YNZ don't even have the balls to answer a straightforward question on the very section of this forum designed for communication with them. Am wondering just who they DO represent.
  16. 80% support for the Holiday Park. http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/AboutCouncil/representativesbodies/LocalBoards/DevonportTakapunalocalboard/Documents/takapunabeachconsultationreport.PDF Wonder if YNZ will get the hint, and/or if the local board will actually take heed of the outcome.
  17. Wonderful to see how YNZ are abusing the money they extract from yacht clubs and the taxpayer. http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/north-shore-times/68708375/yachting-trust-hijacks-takapuna-beach-survey-opponents-allege
  18. Love it. Hehehehe - and on the day Burling looks over his shoulder in horror to find Barker overtaking: "Konnichiwa, motherf*cker!"
  19. Technically yes, nothing absolves the skipper of final responsibility - but that wording seems to be more protection for the race organisers than anything else. Not abandoning the race IMHO implicitly puts psychological pressure on skippers to do the exact opposite of what prudent seamanship would suggest.
  20. You're just making the case for keeping the Holiday Park even stronger
  21. The whole concept of a taxpayer-funded high-performance sailing centre is just plain sick and twisted. YNZ's stated aims for the High Performance program is "to win medals". God help us - it's a f***ken _GAME_ for Chrissake.
  22. Have no idea how it will work; have just been advised of the decision from last night's meeting. And I would expect it to be confined to local residents.
  23. The Takapuna/Devonport Local Board has apparently decided to put it to a public opinion poll. Non-binding, but a bloody good step in the right direction.
  24. Leave it closed if not in use, open with the outboard running, and try to keep the tank topped up as much as possible - the less air in there, the less water vapour to condense when the temperature drops.
  25. "Bread and circuses". All good stuff if that floats your boat - but there's no way the taxpayer should be funding any of it.
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