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  1. For the Solbian solar panels on the pilothouse, I requested the option of the junction box under the panel. The skinny panels on the side deck, made by an outfit in Sweden called Sunbeam, the junction box comes underneath as a matter of course. Be aware - non chinese panels like I have are not cheap. I spent over $3K+ on the panels all up
  2. Oh dear....What happened waikiore...or is it still to raw to talk about?
  3. Not wanting to start a political sh*t fight on global warming, but I have always felt coastal erosion is way more an immediate threat than greenhouse gasses when it comes to where you choose to live..... I mean, they long ago stopped building on those chalky cliffs in UK (Dover) and on the UK East Coast because the sea is slowing reclaiming those cliffs through natural erosion...why would NZ coast cliff areas would be any different..
  4. Three of our downstairs rooms flooded. Two rooms now cleaned out / drained, one to go today, but the forecast heavy rain next couple days has me on edge. My spare anchors are not supposed to see water if they are not on the boat. Outside house was a torrent of biblical proportions. My smaller boat safe in Gulf Harbour Marina My bigger boat remained safe in cradle on the driveway -- glad I had it on concrete not a grass area of the property Overall, never seen anything like it what happened Friday
  5. Holy sh*t. What mooring field are you in ?
  6. Bring out the cards or the monopoly set
  7. Thanks, that is motivation to get the wind vane up and running
  8. @9.25 you can see I have an electric auto pilot operating, but frankly in Tiri channel, which was a little nasty, I preferred to helm for that period anyway
  9. I have one, (Windpilot) and been meaning to set up the pulleys and lines
  10. It aint looking good.
  11. I've posted a Youtube vid of my sail back from Barrier to Whangaparaoa. May be of interest to anyone wondering what the heck the junk rig is all about... I did not push the boat hard but still made good progress under reduced sail, and unfortunately my iPhone ran outa battery just before I entered Tiri passage, and sheesh it was a nasty little **cker yesterday was Tiri channel...so probably good that I was concentrating on helming rather than effing about trying to film
  12. Heading back to Whangaparaoa tomorrow. Easterlies start again tomorrow, and all the models, including MetService are predicting days and days on end of them building to 20 knots plus and remaining in that East / Nor East quadrant. Tomorrow a bit less at 15-20. So, not the gale force of a couple weeks back, but strong enough. Tomorrow looks the best day for me to scoot back.
  13. I know many of you have been before, but this is my first visit. Surprising they have 4 & 5G coverage out here, so with my morning coffee thought I would share a few photos... Only downer, my infatalbe has sprung a few leaks so getting to shore a challenge. Nevertheless the peace, tranquility and beauty at anchor is more than enough...
  14. Hey Boobs, bloody awesome! That is indeed me on Pango (named after the Maori word for the colour black -- as in the hull colour). Yeah I am contemplating naffing off in a day or two for a couple weeks mini-cruise now that (touch wood) the weather looks reasonably settled for the next 10 days....it's either that or continue grinding away on the refurbishment of my new (but old) boat....sailing might just win out
  15. A bit more detail: She is a much modified Contessa 26 using some of the ideas Roger Taylor used on ’Mingming’ A massive overall transformation was initially done in 2017/18 then a further upgrade in 2020/21, including hull/deck joint, and tasteful pilothouse (which you can stand up in length of the cabin if you are 6’ or under). No expense spared - I got professionals in to do most of the work during both refits. Sail (cambered panels ) by Paul Thompson (2018) Electrics (recently overhauled and improved by Paul Thompson) include a fri
  16. My junk rigged Contessa 26 is for sale It is hard to justify owning two boats ( also own a 28 footer), so I am resigned to this summer being my last aboard my 26 footer Genuine inquiries only - for a good basic overview of junk rig, refer: 'Junk Rig for beginners' See video:
  17. I heard there is an extra-tropical’ cyclone potentially die to hit North Island next week….
  18. Still blowing here at Kawau and it is raining, but the rain is not yet tropical/biblical..
  19. Been anchored in Kawau since NY day. Been blowing old boots and stronger boot blowing predicted tomorrow. As there is further boot blowing bonkers weather predicted next week, I may run back to GH Fri or Sat and wait for it to blow through…summer is bound to start again sometime…
  20. “Sailing Sensitive Wife” - ‘SSW’ - luv it! We finally have some to rival the ‘SWMBO’ (She Who Must Be Obeyed) acronym the Pommie Sailors use sll the time…
  21. Giday Rg... firstly I am solo sailing, so can't rely on a crew to share overnight watches etc I would say my experience is 'low to medium'...i.e I have not been up and down the coast 20 years in a row like some of you on here...a handful of times - yes I want to head for Barrier (Port Fitzroy area) and then to Bay of Islands with a couple stops....from tomorrow I have to work for three days, then Im off for a month...the SWs' run out Friday evening and from Saturday all the wind models are showing building easterlies for days and days and days....my boat points "ok" for a 26 footer, but as
  22. Easterlies for Africa for number of days from New Years eve....completely spun out my plans ....probably have to make my way to the Eastern Gulf and just work my way up and try make use of the Easterlies as best I can rather than fight them...the wind doesn't care about my or your grand sailing plans for the new year holidays -- ah well... such is life
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