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  1. Only thing I use is the nowcasting info. Only reason I got it. It keeps wanting to give me safety messages and trip logs. Annoying but overriden by my love of knowing what the wind is doing at this particular point im time. Direction and strength.
  2. https://rayc.co.nz/results/2019/whiteisl/isl/series.htm
  3. Anyone know why Pepe retired?
  4. Well thanks so much to Neil! Having expert help meant it didn't have to be cut away. New rigging and mast is solid so would have been a shame. What good timing for handover. Funny that the boat helped the guy who will normally drive it????
  5. Thanks for that IT. Couple of guys, one of them at least from SSANZ jumped on and helped retrieve everything without having to cut away the rigging which was much appreciated as it's only a couple of months old. Sorry I didn't catch their names when talking to Paul. Everything rigging was replaced this year in a big overhaul apart from the chainplate bolts as careful inspection showed no issues. Guess what? They will all be replaced now! Shakedown race did it's job nicely.
  6. Was that you that stopped and helped them out Jon? Only had quick convos with Paul today he said someone from SSANZ came and gave them a hand to get the gear back.
  7. Has anyone found a good alternative to Winddan? Finding myself frustrated when at home without vhf wondering what all the wind conditions are currently! Not forecasting...need the nowcasting.
  8. Can vaguely remember as a kid being told that it was because untold amount of boats used to run into it, like a bowling game and it stuck up like the last pin. Or is it that it looks like a pin and 9 miles from the Cavalli's or something like that? Can remember a couple of different versions but it was awhile ago and no idea how good memory is. Find an old fisherman up there and ask them.
  9. Yes, apologies to Elly from SMU! He just sent a text to say yep, he was tired brain this morning and just sent me a text and asked me to jump on here to correct himself. Thanks for getting ahead of this apology raz88 SMU and crew on board at the moment already qualified for RNI, and realise not going to finish before 10 but are still determined to finish. They ain't quitting!
  10. I think Start Me Up has offended the wind gods somehow. Drifting again. Until today I have been gutted I couldn't do this race with Paul....but I have changed my mind now. Happy not out there drifting further away from the Poor Knights!
  11. Oooh I like the sound of that! The lads are currently sorting a sail out in Lidgards. Just sent a message along the lines of hey...2 handed race tomorrow...last chance to get sleep til Saturday guys!
  12. As someone said, Owha got to Marsden Cove Marina.. and the smaller leopard sea has turned up in Parua Bay now. The only good thing about it is that Westhaven fenders and inflatables are now safer I guess.
  13. Wow that is sobering news. Hope recovery goes well. I watched him leave with the ambulance officers and have been wondering all week how he was as did not look very well. As you say KM a good reminder of how easily bad stuff can happen. Had reminders of that ourselves recently too - just how quick and unexpected bad stuff can be.
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