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  1. Anyone know the boat with the broken mast in the news this morning? Looks reasonably fast. Was it abandoned?
  2. Yes it has been getting harder for the average boatie for years. But that doesn't mean we allow the trend to continue. And for me the two real issues are capacity for yachts with masts in. Then accessibility for boats in the central harbour. In recent years we have lost the ability to paint on the grid at Westhaven, then we lost the grid at Westhaven. Then we lost Pier 21. I read the list of grids posted. Take away the club grids, the height restricted grids, and the grids past Rangi light or Browns Island and you are left with HMB, Orams, Hobsonville and the Landing. And guess what - as ratep
  3. Thanks both. I think I'm sorted from another regular poster on here who has 3! Mind you he also has more than 1 boat.
  4. Any old school bosuns chair wanted for a boat I'm helping tidy up. Alternatively if there is anyone at Bayswater who could lend me one next weekend that would be just as good. D53 - Actionnaire. Cheers Jono Gravit 0274 754 169
  5. Rob Neeley is still active.
  6. V5 will eat the Antipodes SC72. She is the same speed as a good Ker 40. Mayfair for 2nd.
  7. I looked out over the harbour on Saturday morning and saw painted ships on a glassy harbour. "Ha" I thought to myself. It will be a long slow cold night for those crews. I almost felt glad I hadn't gotten organised to find a ride. Imagine my chagrin when I looked up the SSANZ site and saw the results, the elapsed times, and the amendments to SIs. "How unfair" I thought. A race committee with the sense to make life easy for themselves and the foresight to earn the eternal gratitude of the competitors. Nice work guys.
  8. It's creeping up again. If anyone is short of a skipper / crew for Race 1 or 3 I'm available to fill in. I've done quite a few over the years both as owner or crew and am happy on most styles of boat. Cheers Jono Gravit, 0274 754 169
  9. The rules are different everywhere and not adhered to / known anyway. Therefore it's all about making your life easier and not having to deal with both the differing rules imposed by each airline, and the various whims of airport reception staff. Plus if you have removed the canister it is not technically an inflatable lifejacket, and as it is only 33gm and looks like a deodorant can / toothpaste tube etc there is nothing to get stressed about in Xray. I just took a PFD on a Tasman flight and QLD regional flight this way over Easter and absolutely no issues.
  10. I always put the canister in my toilet bag.
  11. Rebecca has just about completed a biography of Rick Dodson as her next book.
  12. The last week in March / first week in April is always jam packed. I love NZMYC but think they were being rather "brave" dumping another race onto the busiest time of the season. Last weekend I chose to sail Auckland Laer champs. The weekend before was 2 days of club dinghy champs. I was gutted to miss the Auckland - Tauranga which is my favourite NZ race. And I could have done the Squadron cruising race. In recent seasons I would have been chasing dinghy regattas with the kids in the lead up to the Opti and Starling Nationals. I get it gives a fresh new option, but the existing options a
  13. Ma Te Wa and Wired had a good night
  14. I agree with the leaned gentlemen above. With an overlapper it is far simpler to use a lazy sheet though either an aft spinnaker turning block, or possibly BMax on a wider boat - possibly not a Spencer 10m. That way the sheet is triangulating nicely and all of a sudden your pole is a perfect length. Don't cut it as one day the spinnaker will be used. If just using a blade a whisker pole on the genoa sheets is fine but a lazy sheet is still better. You can get cheap tubes from Kilwell and use your current end fittings if you want another project.
  15. Waka and Drinks Trolley were out checking reefs on Wednesday.
  16. Contact Sam or Lisa at Tory Channel Contractors TCC . They are pretty booked up so get your name in early and by the time you get your consents you will be nearing the top of the queue.
  17. Anyone got their boat away and can help out? I'm looking to help out an overseas owner get Actionnnaire off its Shoal Bay mooring while the weather goes through. Cheers Jono Gravit 0274 754 169
  18. I've heard Lynx is coming to a mooring at Devonport soon
  19. He drew some lovely launches. His yachts were (mostly) a bit conservative for my tastes. But there was never any doubting the quality of them.
  20. Mike at NZ sailing in Silverdale. Dan at the Watershed Ask for a Jollyboat one.
  21. SSANZ do great work. Every two handed year is different and there has been the odd occasion where an initiative hasn't been done quite right on reflection. But don't stop innovating. That is why we keep coming back.
  22. I wouldn't recommend a change. Having owned a Cav 32, I think you will find that when sailing the cockpit is then at waterline as the water flow /displacement effect occurs. So other routing may not work - unless you like wet (ter) feet. While there is a seacock, it is meant to be left open, and is really only there to meet category requirements / potential maintenance. You shouldn't have any issues around structural integrity from the through hulls. The hulls are strong.
  23. Obviously Ilex doesn't get hauled at the landing - with reference to one of the Board members who voted to close.
  24. Even if the rudder moulds were available the design world has moved on a lot. I'd recommend getting a new design done. Better foil shape = less drag, better control, higher pointing. Plus depending on construction - lighter as well. A Wilson 45 - Ilex which is a 60s version / similar style just had this done and the owner was telling me how great it has been
  25. Here's a few. Calling in to say we had broken our rudder. But it was no issue we had another one (GBE). Getting knocked down by a big wave, the mainsheet hand goes through the leeward lifelines. Fortunately he was still holding the mainsheet which rounded us up head to wind and we dragged him back in. Same race, finished and all so wet and cold 3 of us huddled together under a wet kite to try and warm up. Doing 25kn in a Ross 930 going into Tiri Passage. Asked the owner do we keep pushing or drop the kite? Keep going was the answer. 5 minutes later we had a broken transom. The next Ross boat c
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