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  1. Wow. That was pure idle speculation on my part. What a shame.
  2. I hope this is not related... https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/trio-rescued-after-escaping-sinking-boat-off-auckland-ended-up-engulfed-in-flames
  3. Doesn't sound too good... https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/search-continue-today-yacht-missing-off-bay-plenty-coast
  4. Arrived back in NZ last week and joined the Coastguard this morning. The website recommends installing their app. Seems like a good idea, but can't find it in the google store. I checked the google store website and see this: "This app is incompatible with all of your devices" - specifically a fairly old Samsung S5 and a very recently purchased Moto G7. Huh?? What gives?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq0PlmVQ0n0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PxAeo5N-9s
  6. No doubt. And as I've got older I've grown more and more convinced that I really don't want to be "most people." Probably why I find Webb Chiles so inspiring. Of course he doesn't have a lounge room, but he does have the "great cabin"...
  7. MarkMT

    They're quick

    A nice clip of ETNZ sailing a little higher and faster than the Nacra 17 fleet ... https://www.facebook.com/abkendall/videos/10156772161820814/UzpfSTEwMDAwMjY3NzAyNDU1MDoyNDA2MjY3MTAyODA1ODM0/
  8. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/dinghies-rowboats/inflatable/auction-2408252641.htm Though curiously, their website only describes a rigid polyethylene product... https://www.wildcatboats.co.nz/
  9. Given the price and Wheels' report, I think I'm happy to take my chances with Ocean Inflatables... http://www.inflatableboatsnz.co.nz/models/
  10. Hey Wheels, 3+ years later, what's your long term verdict? Has it held up? They're still in business and prices look good. I'm gonna need to make a purchase in the next few weeks so sussing options. Also, anyone know this crowd in ChCh... https://www.facebook.com/aboutinflatables/ The link to their website doesn't work so can't really get much info, but they got a plug recently from a blog I follow...https://twoatsea.com/meet-gozzilla/
  11. https://www.facebook.com/krakenyachting/videos/vb.1783935465178679/2410726115847613/?type=3&theater
  12. He's not the worst I've dealt with in Auckland.
  13. Sorry to hear that...thanks for passing on the news. My first keelboat was a Harmonic. Wonder how many of us have sailed his boats.
  14. I believe the name was adopted during their training for Bermuda as reported by Richard Gladwell... https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/97966715/americas-cup-book-how-team-new-zealand-stunned-the-sailing-world
  15. I'm thinking whoever designed that grew up watching Star Trek... https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/94554/why-did-warp-cores-become-vertical
  16. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2019/11/04/hugo-boss-forced-to-cut-off-keel-in-transat-jacque-vabre/
  17. https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2019/11/03/keel-damage-for-hugo-boss-in-transat-jacque-vabre/
  18. Some additional commentary (video still not embedding?)... http://youtu.be/L1MnPadNmJI
  19. Oh no!! It's "interrupting views to the Harbour Bridge"! https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/402096/digger-stuck-in-the-mud-for-four-days-on-auckland-beach
  20. And also for the gal!
  21. Ravi Parent is a 2 time US Formula 16 champion from Sarasota (and as I recall he came within a broken daggerboard of the World title in Newport in 2014). He and his crew took a fairly spectacular tumble while training in Auckland recently for the Nacra 17 Worlds... https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2019/10/23/video-what-goes-up-must-come-down/
  22. Voting is open for the public prize... https://www.yachtracingimage.com/gallery.html ...via Facebook 'like's, so it looks like you need to be signed in to FB to vote.
  23. Released today by the Ministry for the Environment... https://www.mfe.govt.nz/sites/default/files/media/Environmental%20reporting/our-marine-environment-2019.pdf I haven't read the report itself yet, but there's an article about it here https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/401175/nz-s-marine-environment-taking-hits-on-all-fronts-government-report Some snippets that caught my attention...
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